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Monday, August 16, 2010

Curl Street Journal Post: Why I've been MIA and lots of pics!

Yet another Curl Street Journal post

Hey curlies! I've been on CN the past 2 weeks or so but haven't really made a post on my journal in a while. Did yall miss me? lol.

I really enjoyed my 2 week break from school but alas, my first day of class for the fall is tomorrow (I have classes Tues, Wed, and Thurs this semester). Back to the daily grind I suppose!

In hair news, I put in some small twists about a week and a half ago (my first set that I wore out since my BC) and wore those from Wed-Sunday (I redid the front Thursday though because they were too big since I was in a rush to finish before Wed. night church service). Sunday I untwisted them for a very cute twistout. They were small enough that I didn't even separate after I untwisted them and had a very defined twistout that I LOVED! I wore that for...I don't know how many days lol. I only retwisted a few in the back that were getting a little frizzy from me sleeping on them.

Finally once it started looking more frizzy than cute I was fingercombing my hair and decided to pick it out just for fun, and to wear a bigger puff for the day(...or make that days!) before FINALLY washing and detangling my hair...after almost 2 weeks . My fro is nowhere NEAR one of my hair idols LynnieLuve, but I still thought it was kinda cute. Not shaped well enough to wear out mind you.... plus I sent my boyfriend James a picture while he was at work and he said I looked like an 80's supervillian. Gotta love that guy Oh yeah, I did do some flat twists yesterday in the front of the puff because I was getting a little bored with it and wanted to jazz it up for church a little...but I didn't take pics

I FINALLY DC'd yesterday and washed and detangled. We were going to a training class for church last night, so I just wound up with a wash and go. Today though, I plan to wash again and apply the Kimmaytube leave in so that I can put in some small twists again...this time I won't worry about the parting so much, and I'll just grab and twist. I'll keep these in for a few days or maybe even a week if I like them and then do a twistout for a few days before detangling again. Baby steps protective styles lol.

Enough's the pics!


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Twists Back view

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Twistout Puff with flower (That I broke by accident getting out of the car Sad

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Regular Twistout Puff

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Twistout Puff Closeup

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Fro! (Just for fun)

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Fro puff (how I actually wore it)

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That's it for now lovely ladies! I hope you all have a great week!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Curl Street Journal Post: Updates and would you buy something if I started an online bakery?

Another Curl Street Journal Post

Hello my lovely readers!

I hope you are all doing well. I'm enjoying my break and also trying to juggle a few ideas around in my head. I guess I'll get to the hair-related stuff first.

I'm wearing a 3 day old wash and go that I've been refreshing with a spray bottle of water since I haven't had time to do anything else. Also, I wanted to wash and detangle my hair today and try to put in some mini twists. I'm not sure if my hair is long enough for them to look cute enough to wear out...but if not I should have an awesome twistout tomorrow lol. This will be my first time putting mini twists in my own hair, but I think it should be ok since I installed kinky twists myself during my transition a few times, and this is a little less complicated since it's all my hair. Hopefully it won't take too long. Oh yeah, my dad wasn't to terribly upset about my hair when I went home this weekend, and everyone else seemed to like it somewhat lol. Maybe that's just because I was just there for a day and they didn't have time to come up with any clever jokes.

Ok on to my non-hair related possible business venture...

While I was in Mobile I made some "Cookies and Cream" cupcakes. I saw the recipe online for making them from scratch but I didn't want to invest that much time (lol) since I wasn't going to be in town long, so I did the same thing with a boxed white cake and white frosting with oreos crushed up in them. They were a big hit, except half of my family though the oreo cookie on the bottom was actually where I burnt the cupcake...maybe i should have told them about that earlier lol. Anyway, I've always liked making sweet stuff...cakes, cupcakes, fudge, oreo truffles, you name it. In fact, for holidays or whenever I go home, I'm basically required to make a batch of my "famous" oreo truffles or at least some fudge. While I was home, my niece even asked me if I thought about selling my stuff online. Now I'd thought about opening a bakery one day, but a mail order one never occured to me. I looked on and sure enough, other ladies were selling truffles, cookie, cakes, cupcakes etc.

So what I want to ask is, if I were to start up a bakery service online (mostly oreo truffles, chocolate covered pretzels, fudge, and peanut clusters to start and then cupcakes and maybe cakes once i figure out how to ship them without them getting messed up), would any of you ladies be interested in ordering?

Let me know! Speaking of baked goods, there's one more cookies and cream cupcake in the fridge that's calling my name! Bye lovelies!

P.S. I just noticed that I'm 11 months post perm! One more month till a year! Yay!