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Friday, July 30, 2010

Curl Street Journal Post: One Month Post BC!

Curl Street Journal Post

Actually I'm at 1 month and one week post BC...but I had finals this week so it's been kinda hectic! I wound up with an A in one class and B in the other (got a 87 in that one so not close enough to a A to round up ...oh well!)

Now I have about 2 1/2 weeks of "vacation" before I start Fall classes. I also need to do some work on my Thesis during that time so, I'm not "all the way" off I guess. James, Chase and I are going to Mobile today after he gets off of work to visit my family. My brother got to come home early (last tuesday) from his deployment in Kuwait, so my sister came down to visit too. It will probably be a short trip for us though...won't get there till 9 or 10 tonight and might leave tomorrow night or maybe Sunday morning since James has work Monday and I don't want him all tired from being on the road all day. On the bright side, we can stop by my apartment in Montgomery on the way back to rest/take a pit stop if we want. Then it's only a 1 1/2 hour trip from there.

This is the first time I'll be going home since my BC. I'm sure my dad still won't like it, but oh well, he'll come around eventually. Not much he can do about it now right? lol

I wore a frohawk for 3 days last week...mostly out of laziness because of all of the paper writing/studying. The first night i was so tired when I finally got home from studying (at 6 am ) that I just kept the bobby pins in (I usually take them out) and threw on my satin bonnet and called it a night. It turned out pretty good so I did that the next 2 nights as well.

Right now I need to be packing and deep conditioning my hair. I wanted a cute style for today but I think I'll just have to settle for a wash and go. Maybe I'll do some twists tonight if I feel like staying up a bit once we get there.

So recap of the first month being natural:

  • It's AWESOME!
  • It's sooooo much easier than dealing with the 2 textures
  • Kimmaytube's leave in = no more dry flaky scalp
  • Time flew by since I didn't have to worry about my hair as much
  • I LOVE IT!!!
  • Still working on the itching but it's not nearly as bad as it was!
Also it seems like my hair is getting longer...even though I can't really tell and I just think it's wishful thinking. After I used the curlformers last week (I think that's when it was) I wound up picking my hair out and wore a little afro puff...excuse me medium afro puff lol it was bigger than I expected. I guess the slight straightening from the curlformers is the cause of that.

My only other problem besides the slight itching are my ends. When i put them in twists I usually twirl the ends around my finger, but the last 1/2 inch always kinda poofs and seems a little different than the rest. When I put them in the bantu knots it's not as noticeable since they curl kinda. I'm not sure if this was the scab hair I've heard about or just some wonky ends. The rest of my twists look cute till you get to the ends. I guess maybe I just need a good trim. I'll wait on that though because I don't want to get scissor happy too soon. In another month if they are still wonky, I'll trim them. The funny thing is when I do wash and gos, the ends curl up all pretty into little coils so it's just when they're dry or slightly damp that they do this....

I guess that's it for now lovelies. I think I'll go ahead and pack and do some of that cleaning up i meant to do before we leave. Gotta at least wash the dishes in the kitchen sink so I can use it to start my deep conditioning treatment lol.

Bye for now!