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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scalp Nurting time and Giovanni mini reviews

Hey lovely ladies!

I planned on waiting until today to wash my hair and use the new Giovanni shampoo and conditioner I bought but last night as I was fingercombing out my twistout/playing in my hair/checking my scalp I thought I'd go ahead and give the conditioner a whirl. I wet my hair and used the Giovanni 50:50 balanced conditioner to do a cowash and detangle. I used the pads of my fingers to scrub my scalp...and man did I scrub it! My fingers were tingly at one point lol. I detangled with my wide tooth comb and denman brush which took all of 5 minutes!

First of all I love how creamy the Giovanni is. It's more like lotion than conditioner. As soon as I put it on my hair, my curls started popping out everywhere! I'm still dealing with some spiky straight ends that I missed, but for the most part my hair was loving it. If the 50:50 conditioner is this good, I can't wait to try the direct leave in!

Also last night I thought I'd give my hair a little more moisture by leaving the conditioner in, and sleeping with a showercap on overnight. I read on the forums that the tea tree shampoo can be a little stripping so I didn't want my hair to get too dried out.

Then today I washed the conditioner out and applied the Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat Shampoo and scrubbed my scalp (with the pads of my fingers only) like mad. It really did give a good tingle on the scalp and lathered really well but after a while my scrubbing turned the tingling sensation to a warm...then kind of hot one lol. I washed out the shampoo and then lathered up again. Major suds the second time. Some ladies said the shampoo made their hair feel like straw after they washed it out. I kind of saw what they meant because when I rinsed it out the second time my scalp and hair felt extra "squeaky clean". Literally. I heard my hair squeak when I was running my hands over it trying to wring some of the water out. lol

Next I followed up with the conditioner again and did a quick cowash. Then I detangled again with the shower comb and denman brush (partly because of all of the scrubbing I did and partly because I wanted to see if the awesome detangling session I had the night before was a fluke) and my comb and brush sailed right through.

Next I hopped in the shower (I did all of this pre-washing over the kitchen sink lol) took my regular bath and then rinsed out the conditioner with cold water. I hopped out with naked hair and clipped some of the straight ends I saw that were left. Then I put a little bit of the conditioner on my hair and shook my head over the bathtub (had to pour a tiny bit of water back on my head since my hair had dried a little bit.

So there you have it ladies. I have a super clean scalp and a cute wash and go for today. We'll see if the itchies stay at bay.

Mini Review:
Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Conditioner

  • Great Slip-made detangling a breeze!
  • Very thick
  • Nice scent but not too overpowering
  • Made my curls pop instantly
5/5 stars *****
Verdict: I love it so far! I'll keep using it and see how it goes!

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat Shampoo
  • Tingly feeling on scalp
  • Great lather for a sulfate free shampoo
  • Made my scalp and hair feel really clean
  • Could be a little stripping if used too much
4/5 stars ****
Verdict: I like that it got my scalp clean but I'd probably only use this once a month or so to get rid of buildup because more than that might dry my hair out.

P.S. As I'm typing this, I realized I forgot to seal with olive oil before putting on the conditioner...oops! I'll do another wash and go tomorrow and I'll be sure to do it then. :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Curl Street Journal Post: Fighting the itchies...ahhh!

Another Curl Street Journal post

Hey again ladies!

So now the initial shock of the BC is over and I'm just trying to find my routine. So far my go to style has been a puff of some kind. I did a wash and go the other day and then "refreshed it" the next day (and after taking a nap that day ) by spraying some water on my hair with a few drops of tea tree oil and peppermint until it was pretty damp and shaking like crazy. Made the curls come back but if I do it too hard I get a slight headache for a while .

Anyway as the title states, I've been having some problems with an itchy scalp and dandruff. I had a similar problem during my transition with the kinky twists, but I thought it was mostly the weave. Maybe my hair is just telling me I need another ACV rinse (I do these about once a month or so). If I get an itchy spot on my scalp and scratch it then it starts to itch like CRAZY! I don't want to scratch up my scalp and leave it irritated or even bleeding so I need to find a fix ASAP.

During a big chunk of my transition I tried doing the Curly Girl method (no cones...[except the one in HEHH and I think that one is water soluable], no sulfates, no mineral oil, and no parabens. Basically the only products I used (and still use) are HEHH, Aloe Vera Gel (FOTE), EVOO, Jojoba oil (sometimes), Shea Butter (starting to try that a bit more), and Tea tree, peppermint, and rosemary essential oils. My hair feels soft and moisturized, but my scalp is a whole different story.

I'm even considering washing with a sulfate shampoo just in case the problem is build up (this is my last resort). Before I try that I'll do another ACV rinse (after I buy some more) and I might even try the Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat Shampoo if I can find it at TJ Maxx or something. I know they don't have sulfates in them but I'm not sure if they have any other "no-no" ingredients. Plus I've been curious to try their products. If I can't find that I might try Aussie Moist Conditioner. Maybe the problem is my beloved HEHH and I just don't know it...

What do you guys think? Help me before I scratch a hole in my head!

P.S. In hair style news, I have my hair in some chunky twists for a 3rd attempt at a chunky twistout. The second attempt came out good but I didn't get second day hair and I can already tell these twists are going to "behave" a little better

Friday, June 25, 2010

Curl Street Journal Post: my birthday frowhawk and post bc family reactions

You know the drill about my Curl Street Journal lol

Hey again ladies!

I'm 2 days natural now! Yay! Here's a pic of the frowhawk I did for my birthday yesterday.

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side view

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I have no idea what I'm going to do to it today, but I know if all else fails I can do a puff! I might need to mix up a little tea tree oil and some olive oil or something and give myself a scalp massage. It's been itchy today.

I also thought about doing smaller twists for a dry twistout today...but i want to mix up some shealoe mix for that. Man I should get on some of that stuff huh? lol

I emailed my family the pictures of my BC. My mom knew i was planning to cut it (my dad too but that's another story) and after she first saw the pics she told me "no no no put it back" (she was joking) and said it looked like my brother came home early (he's in the navy over seas right now ). My sister said she liked it but asked if I had told my dad and my brother emailed me and said that dad was going to whip my butt lol.

My dad didn't look at it until that night apparently because when he called me for my birthday and mentioned it he was just like "I dunno....." and talked about my crown being my glory, to which I replied that I was now wearing my hair how God made it for me. He's used to me and my sister and even my neices having fairly long hair so I think this was a pretty big shock (even thought one of my nieces ended up cutting her hair super short (shorter than mine) a few months ago because the perm broke her hair off pretty bad but she still has some chemical thing in it to "make it curl" so I guess she's not 100% natural and she HAD to cut it not just willy nilly like me lol

My mom told me later that when he looked at the pics he said "now that just don't make no sense" and she said he acted like I cut the hair off of HIS head. He'll be ok though. Hair grows back lol. He got the same way when my sister trimmed her hair (from shoulder length to about chin length) and highlighted it. He kept playfully hitting her on the back of the head and saying "you cut all of that hair off" lol.

So far I'm still loving it. Can't keep my hands out of it, and I even keep squishing it through my silk bonnet that I'm still wearing lol. Must go hair accessory shopping!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I BCed!

I posted this on my Curl Street Journal of's all the same though lol

Well I did it! I BCed this morning. Right now I have a deep conditoner on my hair and a showercap. After I eat (I'm STARVING) I'm going to wash it out and try to do some twists. I'll have to sit under the dryer for it to dry in time before class. Blah I wish I didn't have a midterm today. Totally inturrupting my hair time! I'm going to get my boyfriend to get the few permed ends I have left tomorrow...especially the back. You can see some in the pic

Anyway here are a few of my pics...there will be more later and maybe even a video

Right before BC

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Right after BC

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Back view

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Permed ends

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Deep conditioner

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Curl Street Journal Post: BC eve lol

This post is from my Curl Street Journal on the forums

One more day until the BC! Yay! This time tomorrow I'll be an official natural diva. It took me forever to take my twists down last night (I think I finished somewhere around 3am) and then stayed up for no reason at all and the next thing I knew the sun was coming up lol. I took a nap till about 11, and got up to finish some work on my take home midterm that's due today. I also have another midterm tomorrow that I have to study for...that one is going to be BRUTAL! I have a lot of reading to catch up on, and I haven't even had time to wash my hair!

I might just wait until tomorrow and wet my hair as I go with the BC since I'm going to cowash and deep condition anyway...or maybe I'll do it after my study session tonight...probably not since I won't get out of class until after 9 tonight (ick!)

You know what...forget what i just said. I'm going to go ahead and do a quick cowash on my hair with the twists I put in as I was taking the kinky twists down last night (to keep the hair out of the way) and then sit under the dryer for a while since I've got a few hours before class tonight.

Bye Lovelies!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Curl Street Journal Post: Small Change of Plans! 3 days till the BC...

This post is from my Curl Street Journal on the forums

Well I planned on taking my twists down today after church, but my boyfriend wants to go to one of the growth track classes tonight at our church, so I'll be putting off the kinky twists uninstall until later tonight or more possibly tomorrow night after I get out of class. I might or might not wear my braid n curl style out on Tuesday before the BC Wednesday morning. It depends on how it turns out I guess (meaning if it's cute I'll wear it and if not I'll wear a headwrap lol).

That's about it. I hope everybody is enjoying their Sunday/Father's Day with the great Dads in their lives. More updates soon!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Curl Street Journal Post: Should I or Shouldn't I? 5 days till BC!

This post is from my Curl Street Journal on the forums

So I'm 5 days from the BC and of course before I can BC I have to take my twists out...which I'm DYING to do but if I do then I'll be a little stuck style wise for the next few days. Of course I can always use my trusty headwrap as a fallback, but I'm debating on whether or not I should try a few last "longer hair" styles.

I plan to take my twists out Saturday or Sunday and wash and deep condition and then leave my hair in some braids or twists (probably braids because they will hold better with the permed ends) with rods at the end. I brought a cute dress with me to wear to church this Sunday with some sandals if it doesn't rain (I hardly ever wear dresses lol). I'd hate to have a busted "do" and not much time to "fix" it though .

So what do you guys think? If I take the twists out tomorrow I can spend a good chunk of the day washing and conditioning it, but if I do it Sunday (late afternoon), I might only be able to take them down and then wash Monday night after I get out of class.

Help Ladies!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

8 more days to go!

Hello again! As you can see in my title, I have 8 more days till the BC. It's hard to believe that tomorrow it will be a week till...then before I know it I'll be snipping away!

I still have to make a trip over to walmart and buy myself some hair shears. I actually did a teeny chop a few days ago. I couldn't sleep one night (the night I washed my hair) and while playing around in my hair I found a twist that was about to slip out. I was going to just leave it alone, but I decided it might be best to just take the twist out so it didn't snag on something and pull that little patch of hair out (yikes!). Well after I did that, the scissors were sitting RIGHT THERE on the counter near the mirror so you know what I did...yup snip snip! Just that one spot though.

I played around with that little bit of hair (I'd say about 5 or 6 inches stretched) and event tried 2 strand twisting it (lol) but it wasn't a large section at all so that was kinda hard. I finally left it alone and was able to hop in the bed and catch some Z's with a big smile on my face. Now I keep finding that spot and playing with it lol.

I think I'll keep my trusty HEHH to BC with or I might get some cheapie suave and save the HEHH for the cowash afterwards. I'm going to grab the hooded dryer from my boyfriend's house this weekend when I go down there so that I can use it to dry my hair and twists that I put in after the BC (on low of course) so I can wear a twistout the first day. I think I'll buy an accessory or two when I make it to walmart.

Speaking of accessories, I ran across a crochet double flower that I made when I was in my "hat phase" this winter. I had put the flower on a small hair clip to attach it to the hat so I could move it I grabbed it the other day and put it in my hair since I had on a brown shirt. It's chocolate brown, tan, and white. Cute I think. I might make a few more actually. Maybe that will be my signature thing. Anyway here's the pic...

I guess that's it for now. Gotta get ready for class and all that jazz. Bye lovelies!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Curl Street Journal Post: ACV Rinse + Wash = Happy Hair!

Another post from my Curl Street Journal

Hey Ladies! I did a ACV rinse tonight on my hair, and then washed it. It felt soooooo good! After I put the rinse on my hair (I did it over the sink and had a big container to catch some of the rinse as it drained and then I took that and poured it over my head again to make sure I got all of my scalp well.) I squeezed out some of the water so it wouldn't drip as much and then put on a shower cap for about 20 or so minutes.

Then I got my big spray bottle and squeezed some HEHH in there and filled it up with water and shook it up to dilute it. Then I put a couple drops of tea tree and peppermint essential oils and got in the shower. I poured half of the mixture over my head and massaged my scalp with the pads of my fingers and then repeated before washing it out (and finishing my shower lol). Then I plopped my hair with a T-Shirt for about 5 minutes which got most of the water out. Last I sprayed some of my HEHH, water, olive oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera gel, tea tree/peppermint oil spritz in and massaged it in the scalp.

So now here I am with clean hair and a tingly cool scalp (I just love the smell of the peppermint EO). I'm going to let my hair air dry as long as I'm awake (which knowing me will be a few more hours) and then sleep in my satin bonnet and my hair should be dry by morning (I really don't like sleeping with wet hair, but I tried it another time and it worked out ok.

So that's it for now, night night Lovelies!

P.S. 13 more days till the BC Smile

Monday, June 7, 2010

Curl Street Journal Post: Small update

Posted on my Curl Street Journal

Hey ladies!
I'm still counting down the days till the BC. I have 16 left (might as well say 15 since it's 10pm already). I think I'll wash my hair tomorrow and do a ACV rinse. I was trying to wait until I had about 2 more weeks till the BC. I hope these twists hold up until then. They're looking a little raggedy to me (maybe I'm just being picky?). I finally got some more FOTE aloe vera gel the other day, but I still forgot to get another spray bottle (and I left my other spray bottle in Montgomery when I took my weekly trip to Birmingham this last week...oops!), so I haven't really done much of my spritzing these past few days. I think my hair was really missing the aloe vera gel, because the last spritz I made just had HEHH, water, EVOO, and some EO's in it and my scalp has still been itchy and really dry (can we say dandruff anyone? )

I wore my hair in pigtails today which I thought were kind of cute. I was bored with my hair Saturday and trying to figure out a style to try and I decided to oil my scalp. I put one side in a ponytail holder while I worked with the other side and thought that it looked kind of cute so that's how the pigtails started. Also it came in handy when I worked out with James (lifted some weights doing chest exercises) because it was out of the way and easy for me to lay my head down on the weight bench.

If I'm not too terribly lazy, I'm going to go by Dollar General tomorrow and see if I can find one of the microfiber head wraps that I saw on a youtube video. They were only $2 and might be a good investment so I could put one of those on after I wash my hair and not have it dripping everywhere. Also, if it speeds up the drying time that would be a plus.

In health related news, I've been doing really well with my water. I've finished it before bed (and some days way earlier) every day since I've started. I think it will be a week tomorrow. Something like that. I actually have about 1/4 of my bottle to finish for today because I didn't drink that much on the drive down here and wasn't in my apartment long before I had to rush off to my appointment with my thesis adviser and then class tonight.

I'm thinking about doing my thesis on perceptions of different skin tones (darker vs. lighter) in racial groups and the impact on them being seen as "hireable". The other idea is to basically do the same thing, but using hair styles (natural, curly, straight, weaves, etc) to see if those had an effect. I'm leaning more towards the skin tone thing though.

Well that's enough rambling for now. I'm off to finish my water :)

Bye lovelies!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere!

So I'm trying to change my eating habits slightly to be healthier right? I got one of those 64 oz water bottles and for the past 2 days I've been filling it up and trying to finish it before I go to sleep that night. Man that's a LOT of water! If I keep this up I should not be dehydrated at ALL.

I also bought a single serve blender cup thingy that I've been using to make smoothies in the morning. I found some yoplait smoothie things with frozen fruit and yogurt pieces that you just throw in the blender and add a little milk too for breakfast. I'm really bad about eating breakfast so me eating (or in this case I guess drinking) something is better than nothing. The first kind I tried was pretty good. Tasted kind of like strawberry ice cream. The one I have for tomorrow is mango, & pineapple or something like that.

Just wanted to do a quick update. About 20 days to go until the BC!

Bye lovelies!