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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BC Prep List!

From Curl Street Journal

by Janet36603

I was thinking about all the things I would need for my BC and to style my hair afterwards so I thought I'd share!

  • Hair Shears - Probably the most important thing I'll need. I'll probably get a cheap/good pair from Walmart for about $6. I inquired about the prices of the shears in Sally's and I think the cheapest one they had was around $15 thanks!
  • EARRINGS! - Second most important. I've never been much of a jewelry wearer (I went to Catholic school from 1st-12th grade and for the first 8 years we weren't allowed to wear much jewelry or have earrings that "dangled" so I never got into the habit) but I have my girly moods where I accessorize. Also there is a store in Birmingham that sells earrings, bracelets etc for a dollar each. The earrings in my avi came from there lol
  • Conditioners - I'm almost out of my beloved HEHH...but the PJ in me wants to try others too! (Aussie Moist, the Giovanni line, Suave, and VO5 to name a few). Also I need one to use when I actually do my BC so I can see where the permed ends are so that I can cut them without cutting too much of my natural hair
  • Headbands and other hair accessories - I've been wanting to do a frohawk so I'll need some hair clips or at least some bobby pins. Plus I want some more headbands because the ones I have now (skinny goody ones) give me a headache if I have my hair up too long. Not cute... I did see 2 on that aren't too expensive...I'm talking under $10. I refuse to pay $20 for a headband lol. Accessories are the way to go with short hair to jazz it up!
Am I forgetting anything?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finally done!

Just finished my kinky twists. Last set before the BC. I'm super excited! I don't feel like curling the ends tonight and clipping them though, so I'll do that tomorrow.

My Monday and Wednesday night class seems like it's going to be less than fun. We have to take turns being a patient, therapist, observer and diagnose each other (we're supposed to make something up when we're the patient) and TAPE RECORD ourselves and then we have to LISTEN to the tapes and critique ourselves. Ick. I guess it will be good practice for the real world but it seems kind of dumb. Oh well, we'll see.

Pictures coming tomorrow!

Bye Lovelies!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Back to School

I posted this on my Curl Street Journal...but it also applies here.

Re: Janet36603--Back to School

Post by Janet36603

So, my summer classes start again today after about 2 weeks of a break from the spring semester. I'm the opposite of excited but this gets me a step closer to that master's degree right? I'll have to keep telling myself that...

I'm still in Birmingham. I'll probably leave in another hour or so and I'll get to Montgomery by 11:30 or later depending on what time I leave here. I'm about 90% done with my hair. I just have the left half of the top to do. I've already parted it out into sections and have them separated but I'll probably work on it today before class and a little after depending on how much I get done. Thank goodness I discovered headwraps! They're a lifesaver on these days lol.

On another note, I found out today that they will be splitting up my summer financial aid (boo! ) so I'll get half sometime this week and the rest at the end of June. I guess I'll just go ahead and pay some bills with this half and worry about savings and whatnot with the other half. I also need to buy some tires for my car. The website I looked at said they would be about $200 for a set of 4. That's not as bad as I thought. James's tires from the same site were $400 but his car has bigger wheels than mine.

Then this Thursday I'll be making my way to Mobile so I can try to do my neice's hair (she wants kinky twists like mine) before she leaves with my youngest neice to visit my sister for 3 weeks in Texas. I remember when I used to spend the summer with my sister while she was in college. People used to think I was her daughter lol (we're 13 years apart). I hope the twists turn out well since this would be my first time doing them on someone else's hair...and she's a permie so I hope they don't slip out.

So what are you ladies doing on this Monday morning?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kinky Twist Wash Day on Curl Street Journal

Here's my post about my wash day after taking my Kinky Twists down the other day on my Curl Street Journal

Kinky Twist Wash Day

by Janet36603

Hello again ladies! I've just about completed my wash day post kinky twists and I'm sitting under the dryer to speed things along (on LOW of course lol). Below are a few pictures I took. I don't have a digital camera yet, so I usually just take pics with my phone. For some reason when I do this in my boyfriend's bathroom, it makes everything have a yellow tint so bear with me with the sub-par pictures lol.

I took out most of the twists yesterday but had a little section left that I finished this morning. As I took them out I gently finger combed and separated the hair that was in the twist. I learned the hard way that if I don't do thing I wind up with tons of knots and tangles.

So here's me this morning after all of the twists were out and I decided to pretend like I had a fro lol. (By the way I always tag my pictures)

Then I wet my hair in the sink (I did all of this while watching my boyfriend's son Chase by the way lol) and slathered on some conditioner. I'm running low on my beloved HEHH so I used Lustrasilk's shea butter cholesterol as my deep conditioner. I also ran out of shower caps so I used a grocery bag instead lol. I sat with it on my head for about 20 min under the dryer.

My hair loaded up with conditioner

Checking out some of the curly babies

Naked hair after washing out DC. This curly bunch caught my eye

Next came cowashing and detangling with my trusty HEHH (with a little water added because I had less than I thought). I braided my hair in 4 braids and chopped off about 2-3 inches since I didn't want the permed ends getting snagged too much as I detangled. I've been chopping off an inch or two here and there when I wash for the past few months. I used my shower comb first and then my modified denman brush (which I LOVE after I modified it and tried it with my detangle session last month post kinky twists) on each section

Then I hopped in the shower and rinsed and really quick while Chase ate his PJ&J sandwiches for lunch and watched cartoons. I moisturized/sealed with my homemade spritz with extra olive oil added to it and then hopped under the dryer so I would be able to start putting the twists in today.

So that's it lovelies! For the next 2 or so days I'll be breaking my back trying to put these twists back in. I forgot to mention that I did a ACV rinse on the marley braid hair yesterday and let it dry. It cuts down on itching a LOT!

The scissors are calling me! I'll try to resist as much as I can.

I started re-installing my twists yesterday and got the back section done. I'm working on the middle section today. I may not finish everything until tomorrow depending on how the day goes.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Curl Street Journal

Hello Lovelies!

I've started another blog of sorts to keep up with my hair journey over at the Curly Nikki Forums. It will mostly be short updates and I'll still be updating here. Probably lots of overlap.

Anyway here's the link: Janet36603's Curl Street Journal

I'm about to start taking my hair down soon. That will be sooo much fun...not!

Bye Lovelies!

Friday, May 14, 2010

New hairstyle!

I'm back and I come bearing pictures! I was a little bored/creative Wednesday night before church service so I decided to try to jazz up my twists a little. Usually I only wear them up in sort of a puff, or down. Here's the result of kind of flat twisting them in the front:

Cute right? It should have taken 2 min (which the twisting did) but it took more like 10 because I couldn't get the dang bobby pin to hold my hair like I wanted. I eventually got it though. Next I may try to do a spiral/doughnut thing to put all of it up. We'll see how that goes!

On another note I did get my first curly compliment. A girl sitting behind me at church (a natural!) asked me how I get my twists to stay. I was a little sad to tell her it was weave lol. She had a cute twistout going on though and her hair was pretty short. Made me feel all cute and whatnot.

I should have taken a pic with my head down for a better view...oh well. Maybe next time. First pic is my fave. All the rest are kinda...blah. lol

I saw 2 of my 3 grades so far and I wound up getting a C in Statistics (boo!) and an A in Cognitive Neuroscience. I should have an A in Abnormal Psychology too so I guess that will make me still have an A average. Right now my GPA is a 3.5 without the last class (It was a 4.0 for a little while :( maybe I'll get it back there). Not sure if I'm going to retake the stats class later on down the line or not. C's do not look great on transcripts but maybe they will overlook it because of all my other A's lol. Plus I plan to take some time off (A year or so) after I get done with my Master's and work to get some experience under my belt. Then we'll see where I am and if/when I'll go back for my PhD.

That's about it lovelies. I'll catch ya on the flip side! (corny I know lol)

Monday, May 10, 2010

On the road again...

I have to travel back to Montgomery today for my last final tonight. I haven't studied a drop to be honest. I was busy yesterday finishing up my paper on Narcolepsy (which I emailed to him this morning after I finished a few more paragraphs). I plan to leave in about 30 min or so. I'll only be taking my laptop with me since I'll be coming back to B-ham tomorrow. Then I'll be here for roughly 2 weeks (summer classes start the 24th). I plan on selling back my stats book, and buying books for my summer classes tonight before class. Shouldn't be hard since it's just 2 classes this summer. I guess I'll have to leave a little early so that they won't close before I get the change to run in there.

In hair news, I washed my twists the day before yesterday I believe. Boy did it feel GOOOOOOOD! I did a quick ACV rinse in the shower and massaged it into my scalp for a while while I actually showered. Then I took my diluted conditioner (a big squirt of HEHH and 6 drops of peppermint oil in a water bottle that was filled the rest of the way with water and a tiny bit of EVOO) and poured it all over and washed my roots really good and rinsed. The peppermint oil made my hair smell heavenly (and got rid of any vinegar scent that might have wanted to hang on). I can still smell it slightly if I run my fingers through my hair and then give my hands a whiff lol I thought it would have made my twists frizzy because of all the rubbing to wash them but it didn't. They did look a little flat before I went to bed but that was because they were still damp (they dried by morning though). I attempted to "plop" my hair to remove excess water from it but I did it a little wrong. I looked up the right way after I got done but it still served it's purpose to get a lot of the water out of my hair. I think I'll invest in a microfiber towel...or maybe when my hair gets longer.

Oh yeah, I just remembered that I need to buy some more hair for my last set of kinky twists before I leave tomorrow. I'm keeping these in until around the 20th and then I'll take them out and re-do so they will be somewhat fresh for class. Then the last month countdown will begin!

So that's about it lovelies. I'll write more if I think of anything else to say!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fighting the urge

So I was watching some Youtube videos late last night (after my presentation/class that got out at 9 and then studying at Andy's house for the final tonight for a few hours, and after a 45 min "Insanity" cardio workout...crawling to the shower and washing off all the dirt) about big chops and TWA's and I had the urge to grab the scissors and start cutting away. I had a lot of growth that I hadn't noticed before the last time I took my hair down and washed. I should have enough for at least a decent twistout once I BC (which I think will be my first style after I do it).

Obviously I didn't cut my hair though. Part of me is really curious to see what it will look like when I'm done and I'm really excited...a little tiny bit of me is nervous that I won't like it...but mostly I haven't cut it yet because I said I'd wait...I planned on waiting...and I really want to be able to count down the days till the BC! In about 2 more weeks (the 24th which is also the first day of summer classes) I will be one month away from my birthday...and about 29 (or so) days away from the big chop!

I'm trying to limit what I buy to try out so I don't wind up being a product junky (which I already am lol). I have a list (an actual list) of products I want to try. I've been trying to stay away from products with mineral oil, alcohol, cones (with the exception of my HEHH which has one), or sulfates in them. So far I've been doing pretty good. I do think I'll wash with a sulfate shampoo one more time before the BC to give myself a fresh start. I've been basically following the curly girl method, but I never did wash with a sulfate shampoo to start with. My hair has been really soft and moisturized while I've had them in the twists though. I think my spritz has been helping a lot with that, and maybe the aloe vera gel I use when I install them.

So lovelies, 2 more weeks and I'll be taking these twists down and installing my LAST SET before my big chop! I've even been thinking about how I'm going to go about doing the chop (will I film it, what time will I do it (probably early that morning), will I keep the twists in until then (I may take them out a few days before to do some twistouts or something and give the longer hair one last harrah), Should I cut it wet or dry (wet with a bunch of HEHH to see the textures better), should I let a professional do it (no!), etc)

Oh well. We'll just see. Bye for now lovelies!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Coming down to the wire

I have a presentation tonight which I think I'm finally finished for...I had a little setback earlier on the concept map. I had everything done and just where I wanted and printed out a copy...and stupid me forgot to hit save. Next I was trying to export it to an image file so I could put it in my Powerpoint presentation and POOF! The whole program closed. Of course I had to start over with everything I'd done today (which took me about an hour the first time but less the second since I did have a copy printed out). It did not make me happy.

I plan on selling some of my books back tonight...except my DSM and my Stats book. I have a Stats test tomorrow so I'll need that tonight to study and the DSM...well I already have one (packed up somewhere) but I wrote in this one so...yeah that will be my "study" copy lol

I'll also have to buy books for summer class soon. Probably not today though because I also need to print out copies of my presentation/powerpoints to hand out and my printer is officially out of ink, so I'll have to do it at the school before class...or try to refill my ink thing and have black ink all over my fingers for the next few days...not fun!

I made a batch of shealoe last night. I turned out pretty good (I think). I left it for James to use since I can't right now. I used some rosemary oil, tea tree oil, and a couple drops of lemongrass to balance out the shea butter smell (which isn't as bad as lots of people claim it is...but James wasn't liking it too much. Of course I used olive oil and my aloe vera gel (which I'm starting to get low on)

I also have a paper to write before next! More talk about Narcolepsy (which is the presentation tonight and slides I turned in in another class yesterday).

Well I think that's enough rambling

Monday, May 3, 2010

Rain Rain, Stay Stay!

So I started off the morning being productive and working on my concept map for my presentation tomorrow after e-mailing my powerpoints for class tonight...and I saw on the website that there was a possibility that the school may cancel class because of severe weather (Flash Flood warning). The first warning was supposed to end at 11:15am so I waited around to see if they would cancel it...and it was extended to 7pm but they didn't say anything about class....

So i decided to stay in town anyway, and I e-mailed my professor for a copy of the study guide for the exam. Hopefully they'll cancel class anyway, but if not then I won't feel bad for missing it.

It would be even MORE awesome if classes were canceled tomorrow too so that I wouldn't have to do the presentation...but that would be too much. And besides, the teacher would probably just make us come next Tuesday and do them anyway. Oh well.

In other news, James got me some gorgeous flowers the other day...

Yeah I know, my boyfriend = the best and you're's ok lol

This was the best picture I could get on my camera phone. It was a huge bouquet. I had to cut it down some to fit in the vase. They smell divine too!

Well, I'm off to find some lunch and maybe do a little more work on the concept map. Bye lovelies!