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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dirty Artists Shirts

I was on as usual and saw an ad for a t-shirt company called Da Dirty Artist. I thought some of the shirts were pretty funny, but this one is my favorite.

(Click to visit the website)

I may need to get this one after I cut my hair. Lol Actually I think people wanting to touch my hair would be a compliment at first...then it would get pretty annoying. I don't get a whole lot of compliments on my hair anyway so I appreciate the ones that I do lol.

That's it for now. Bye Lovelies!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

T-Minus 3 months and counting!

3 months from today I'll be chopping away at this stuff on top of my head. It will be 6 months and 3 weeks since my last perm tomorrow. I swear time seems to be crawling now that I'm paying more attention to it. I think when I started counting I was at 2 or 3 months...

Oh well. Maybe this time will fly by after I get focused on other things. I have 2 exams coming up next week. Blah. Not fun. They're Tuesday and Wednesday. Even more not fun. At least I got a 97 on the one I took in my Monday night class :)

Still haven't gotten any jewelry stuff, but I plan to soon. I also need to wash clothes like crazy but I'll have to find the time when I have the quarters. Seems like I'm only here long enough to take a shower or two and then I'm back on the road.

It's ok though. I love spending time with my boys. Speaking of, we may all be going on a trip to the Zoo this weekend if the weather is nice. Let's hope it is.

Ok let me go get something to eat and relax some. I have a meeting tomorrow with someone who may be my thesis adviser. Awesome. Hope this one works out.

Bye lovelies!

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Layout and other happenings

As you can see I updated the layout a bit. I'm happy with it for now. Of course I'll probably change it again sometime soon.

I curled the kinky twists the other day with yarn instead of the cold wave rods and clipped the ends. Here's the final results

I like the results but I have a section on the left that didn't curl all the way so I need to re-curl it when I get around to it. It's not super noticeable but I'm a little picky lol.

I bought a really good tutorial on making Peruvian thread earrings so I'm going to go to hobby lobby or somewhere like that soon and get some supplies. Below are some examples from e-bay. I may buy a couple because they seem pretty inexpensive on there, but I still want to make some lol

I'm super sleepy right now so I'm going to get to bed. Night Lovelies!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Kinky Twist install number 2

I finished my kinky twists yesterday while James was taking a nap. I still haven't curled the ends though. I looked on youtube and saw how to curl them with yarn instead of perm rods so I think I may try that this go around. For the past 2 days I've just been wearing my hair in a bun to hide the ends.

They aren't the best pictures, but you get the idea lol. Plus you can see some of the ends poking out in the first picture. I'm going to try cleaning my scalp with Seabreeze because it's been super itchy. Next time I think I'll do a AVC rinse on the hair BEFORE I put it in my head... and I may do them longer that time. We'll see.

I'm sooo glad to be done. I think I did a better job this time than last time. I especially like the top section. I used a rattail comb to section that off (I made parts up and down instead of left to right for my whole head) but sectioned off the individual parts for the twists freehand. I think I'll use a comb to part the vertical sections of my whole head next time. Live and learn I guess.

I'm going to grab something to eat and then maybe watch some youtube videos. Bye Lovelies!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kinky Twist re-install and other random tidbits...

So let me start by saying that I have never "hated" my permed ends until this last wash. They got super knotted and I had to pull out clumps of them that were meshed together while it was wet...then after I braided my hair up for a braidout and undid it the next day, I found even MORE knots. I had to sit there and go over my whole head and work the knots out (for about 2 hours). I tried braiding my hair up one more time with a little leave in conditioner for a quick braidout later. I tried to do a braidout/ponytail/fake puff thing with my hair but it looked busted... On the bright side I did come up with this "tuck and go" style where I kind of twisted and tucked my hair around in a heart shape I guess. I wore it like that Monday night to James' small group for church. I would have taken a picture but he messed it up on the way home lol.

Small group was pretty fun though. I probably won't be able to go back for a while since they meet on Monday nights and I'm usually in class. Everyone was super nice. Basically we all talked and ate and then went over what the pastor talked about in the sermon from the day before (Sunday). They also passed around a prayer list in case you wanted to put something down for everyone to pray for throughout the week.

I started putting the kinky twists in on Monday or Tuesday night. I got the back section done (I separated it into 3 sections) that night. I did half of the middle section yesterday and also went up to UAB hospital on the floor where I used to work and visited with everyone. Pretty much the same old same old up there. I did find out that one of my favorite patients passed away about 2 months ago. I kind of had a feeling he had before I asked about him.

I kept getting headaches while doing my hair so I had to take a bunch of breaks. I'll probably try to at least finish this middle section today if I can. The twists look a lot better than they did last time. I'm making them in smaller sections so I think that helped. I still think I did a good job the last time for that to be my first time putting them in. I don't know how long I'll keep these in this time. I guess until they start looking raggedy again lol.

In other news, James had a job interview the other day where he would be doing pretty much the same thing he's doing now (IT helpdesk) but making more money. They offered him the job and he took it so he should be starting in 2 or 3 weeks or so. I hope he asks for 3 weeks instead of the customary 2 weeks notice for his old job so that he can have a week off with nothing to do and he can just relax!

On a final note, in preparation for my Big Chop and resulting TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro), I think that I'm going to get back into the habit of wearing earrings and whatnot. I know a store that sells really cheap ones (like a dollar for a pair of earrings and sometimes a matching necklace too) so I think I'll stock up there when I get a chance. I've also kicked around the idea of getting into jewelry making. I know, I know, another artsy hobby right? I figure it can't be too hard to make earrings though. Plus that will allow me to make some cute custom ones. Who knows, if I get good, I may even start selling them. All of that will come later though.

I'd better get a move on on my hair. Bye Lovelies!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Post Kinky Twists Wash Day

Hello lovelies! I finished taking my Kinky twists out yesterday (I started the day before and could have finished that night but I decided to go to bed instead). I watched Avatar while I did it so judging by how much of the movie I watched, it took me a total of 2 hours to take them down. I wasn't in a rush really. I just was trying not to tangle my hair up too much as I removed them.

My hair was a little clumped together where each of the twists were so today I kind of went through and finger combed most of it out. I didn't want it to get all knotted at the root as I cowashed.

Anyway, in the last post I said I was going to try out a new conditioner and add honey to it to use as a deep conditioner. As you can see from the picture, I went with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. It really does smell good! I put a lot on at first and really massaged my scalp to get all of the dirt up. Then I took some time and looked at my hair while it was curled up. I have a lot more new growth than I thought (about 3 or 4 inches or more in some places when stretched) and I loved seeing my curls spiral up because of the conditioner.

I was able to see the difference in textures so well in fact, that unless I find another conditioner that works better, I'll probably use this one on my hair when I do the BC (big chop). I'm glad there were no scissors around or else I may have started clipping away today! I told James about it and he told me to go ahead, but I said that I was going to wait until June so I'm going to try to stick it out. Besides, I already paid for the hair for the next set of kinky twists so I need to use it lol.

Anyway, after I got all the dirt up, and quit playing in my hair, I washed everything out and repeated the process. I had a lot more suds in the sink the second time I rinsed since my hair was cleaner. Then I put conditioner mixed with honey (about 80% conditioner and 20% honey) on my hair and put on a plastic cap. I still have it on right now in fact and I'm about to hop in the shower and rinse it out. This time I will put some conditioner on my hair (again) but not as much and I'll use it as a leave in. I'll also put a little olive oil on top to seal in the moisture. After that I'll braid my hair up and let it dry for a cute braidout (I hope) for the next few days before I put the twists back in). I wanted to give my hair a little time to breathe before I reinstalled them. When I do put the kinky twists back in, I'll use the aloe vera gel that's also in the picture.

So all and all, it's been a pretty good wash day. I can't wait until I BC so that I won't have to worry about my permed ends knotting together so easily. It gets really annoying and it's the reason why I've had major breakage. Another reason that makes me want to BC sooner...but I digress...

I may put a little aloe vera gel on my skin after my shower. I've still been itching in spots and I've had some red patches and whelps pop up every now and then. Can't wait till my skin is back to normal...ugh! Oh well. I'm about to go rinse my hair and take a shower. Then I think I'll watch a movie.

Bye lovelies! Enjoy your Saturday!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kinky Twist Re-do

So I've had these kinky twists in a few weeks now and I've been itching to take them down. I love the ease of not having to worry about my hair that much and giving it a break, but some of them look a little busted and are starting to slip out anyway (I came out while I was in mobile and I didn't even put it back in lol). I bought another pack of kinky twist hair before I left montgomery yesterday (still had a pack of black left and some leftovers from last time I put them in) so I'll be taking these down in the next few days. I decided to wait until now because I'm on spring break now and I'll have more time to mess around with my hair.

I plan on cowashing and deep conditioning my hair with either Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, Suave Naturals, Aussie Moist, or Vo5 Moisture Milks conditioner with honey. I want to try all of them because I've heard such good things about them and I'm still looking for my staple products. I guess I'll see how cheap I am when I get to the store. I also plan on using some aloe vera gel on my hair when I twist it. Last time I started out using the Oyin whipped pudding...but we all know what happened with those products...then I finished the rest of my hair with olive oil.

I watched a bunch of MahoganyCurls' youtube videos about TWA's and it almost makes me want to cut my hair NOW! I said I would wait though...and I have 3 more months to go. I miss seeing my hair though...and playing in it lol. I'm curious if I'll be able to tell how much growth I've had. Plus since this is the second time doing the kinky twists, I hope I'll be able to do a better job since I kind of know what I'm doing now. I just hope I like the outcome again, and I hope it holds up for a while.

I guess that's it for a while. Off to annoy James. Bye lovelies!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

First planned BC date

So I was thinking the other day that I need to take these kinky twists down and...well I wasn't sure yet. If I take them down and leave my hair out I know I'll be tempted to BC. I could always take them down and re-do them (which is the plan for now). I do miss seeing my curly babies though and being able to get my hands caught up in the new growth lol. I hope my hair has enjoyed the break and honestly I'm curious to see what it looks like when I take it down. I can't tell how much new growth I have since most of my twists weren't tight to the scalp. I do plan on doing a LONG deep condition when I take them down (I'm talking a few hours) and a really good wash.

I'm on spring break starting after I get out of class Wednesday night (yay!) so I'll have about a week and a half with absolutely nothing that I need to do or be working on (for the most part). Of course I'll be in Birmingham enjoying my break with James. His birthday is on the 15th.

But anyway, back to what I was talking about earlier (and the title of this post). I was thinking that when I take my twists down I'll probably be tempted to BC...which honestly isn't looking so bad the more I think about it. I'm still trying to put it off because I don't want to finally cut my hair and not like how it looks and then hide it under scarves or whatever. I hope I'll have a few more styling options once it gets longer. Also, it's still pretty cold outside (even though the weather is crazy and one day it it will be snowing and the next it will feel like 80 degrees outside lol) so I kind of want to wait until it's a little the spring time...or summer...

And then that got me birthday is in the summer (June 24th)...wouldn't it be something to do the BC for my b-day? So this is my plan for now. I'll BC *the day before* my birthday and start my 25th year of life off naturally. I'll hit 10 months of transitioning sometime in June so that should be a good amount of length.

So this is the plan lovelies. I'm off to make another ticker to put under my perm one to keep myself motivated. Bye for now!

P.S. Ticker made! I decided to make them both a little smaller so it wouldn't look so jumbled.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is it time?

So I've had these kinky twists in for a few weeks now. My head is itching like crazy so I've got to wash my hair soon. (Talking about it makes it itch more lol) I'm going to dilute some shampoo maybe tomorrow and put my hair in a bunch of pony tails and gently wash my scalp. I'll probably try to get as much water out as I can and then let it air dry. I hope it doesn't look too busted when I get done.

In other news, tomorrow will make 6 months since my last perm! Yay! I'm just mad that I didn't do it sooner. I never thought I'd be giving up the perms...let alone thinking about chopping my hair off. I'm torn between taking the kinky twists out and getting back to my loose hair, or leaving them in a bit longer, or even taking them out and putting fresh ones in. I know if I go back to the loose hair that I'll be temped to cut it all off. I'm not quite at the length I want yet but part of me wants to just be free!

I'm probably going to buy the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and Totally Twisted conditioners and possibly the Aussie Moist one too...I've heard great things about them. I also want to try some kind of gel or something like that. I wish I had my routine down. One thing at a time I guess...

Ta ta for now lovelies!