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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I forgot to mention, I contacted the Oyin people about my rash and asked if I could get a refund since they hadn't sent my order yet and they gave me one. I still hope I can use their conditioner. I love how well it detangles. I'm going to try some cheap conditioners next like suave and vo5 because I've heard they work well. I think I might try the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner. But anyway, just wanted to update you guys.

Bye Lovelies!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Nothing new

Not much new in hair news since I put the kinky twists in. I have a couple that need to be redone. Especially in the back. I'll get around to doing it one day I guess. I'm inching closer to 6 months though!

I'm in mobile now. I drove down here today for the weekend to see my brother before he gets deployed for 6 or 7 months. My sister is flying down tomorrow. I'm pooped. I need to take my tired butt to sleep soon.

I guess that's about it. Off to take a shower and then bed. Night!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kinky Twists...DONE!

I finally finished my first set of kinky twists. I just got done curling them with perm rods and hot water. I had one section that didn't curl all the way so I had to do it again. I just took two quick pictures but I didn't really like them...(Edit...I went ahead and put up both pictures...I look crazy all the time anyway lol)

Whenever I take pictures in James' bathroom, it makes the colors all weird...

And as usual I'm making a weird both...

But anyway for a first attempt at kinky twists, I think they turned out pretty well. I used almost 2 packs (I guess one and a half total). One pack as 1B (black), and the other was 1B/30 I think (black/brown). I tried to match it to my highlights a little bit. Plus I think I look pretty nice with brown highlights lol. I'm going to try to leave these in as long as possible...probably a few weeks. Then we'll see what happens next :)

As I said above, I'm in Birmingham. I came down here instead of James and Chase coming to me to make things a little easier. So that's about it. I think I'm going to go put some mousse on my hair while I'm thinking about it.

Bye lovelies!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Kinky Twists...almost done!

So I started putting in my kinky twists this weekend. I would have been done by now if I REALLY sat down and worked on them like I should have...but I took lots of breaks and enjoyed the weekend with James and Chase. I have a small section at the top of my head left to do. If I can ever get around to finishing my homework for class tonight (it's really easy which leaves me distracted easily) then I may try to finish up. If not I'll just throw my headwrap back on.

The twists came out pretty good so far. I have a few spots where I need to re-do them but it was a good learning experience and the next time should go a lot better :) I'll try to keep them in for a few weeks to curb my urge to cut my hair. I kinda feel it coming anyway though...maybe at the 6 month mark I'll go a head and do the big chop...who knows...we'll see.

On another note, I've been battling a really bad rash on the palms of my hands and it's been spreading to my arms and legs somewhat. It's small red spots that itch pretty bad...and if I scratch them it makes it worse. It's starting to not itch and burn so bad on my palms though. I think I may be allergic to the Oyin products (GASP!). My hair loves them but I don't think my skin does. It could be something else but the rash did pop up a few days after I switched from my old products to the Oyin stuff. After the rash goes away, I'm going to try the products again one by one to see which one(s) gives me the itchies. I'll have to figure something out because as I said in previous posts, I ordered a MASSIVE amount of Oyin products...:(

James took me to a masquerade art show for valentine's day. I had lots of fun and it was great to get out and do something different.

I think that's about it for now...I really have to finish my work and get something to eat (STARVING!!!). Bye Lovelies!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Teeny Tiny chop...

So I got a little bored last night and was playing in my hair (as usual) and I found a few coiled springy curls that I wanted to look at in the mirror. The left part of my hair at the nape has gotten pretty short so there's a piece that's coiled up and I think most of the permed ends have broken off so it's mostly natural on its own. I always find it and play with it.

I found a few more curls closer to the front of my hair to play with and I decided to wet one and clip the permed end off to see what it would look like. I thought it was further away from the hairline but after I braided up my hair for my braidout today it seemed like it was RIGHT on the front of my hairline...oh well. It's possible that that hair is just some that was really short on its own and not what I cut. I'm trying to stop imagining my head with hundreds of these tiny springs all over...because it makes me tempted to just snip away (I even thought about going to Sally's today and getting some shears).

Instead I think I'm going to go buy the hair for the kinky twists and try to put them in over the weekend. Hopefully they will turn out cute. Plus it will give my hair a chance to rest, AND keep me from using up ALL of my Oyin samples before the big bottles get here (I still have 2 weeks to wait because the owners were snowed in for a few everybody's order got pushed back a few days).

I did love playing with my springy babies though. I tried to take pictures but they didn't turn out that great. I put some product on the curls to see how they would react and separated them and then saw if I could put them back together with a little twist....


In other news, I have a Statistics test tonight (blah!). I might go ahead and go to Birmingham tonight if I can get my stuff together. As I'm writing this, I need to be making a trip to the bank so that I can get some quarters to wash with. You know me though...even if I get the quarters, I probably won't wash today. I definitely will next week though since I'll have a little more time here. James and Chase are supposed to be coming to visit :)

James has something planned for Valentine's Day but I don't know what it is. I just know I have to dress formally so I have to get some new shoes. I think I'm the only woman in the world that HATES shoe shopping. I have big feet (size 11 WIDE) so it's hard to find shoes that fit me well. I did find a perfect pair yesterday...for $89....blah! And that was their sale price lol. I think I should just go ahead and get them. I need more grown up clothes anyway...and a new pair of sneakers lol

I think that's about it for now. I need to go get some breakfast (brunch at this point?) and decide what I'm going to do with myself today before class and prepare if I'm going to leave tonight.

Bye Lovelies!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tick Tick Ticking away!

Sometimes when I get discouraged or frustrated with how my hair is behaving I just look at the ticker at the top of my blog that shows me how long I've been perm free. Sometimes that keeps me going because I'm proud of how long it's been (coming up on 6 months at this point!).

I'm not sure what I'm going to do further down the line (go ahead and get the Sisterlocks, do a Big Chop, transition longer, rock a TWA) but I'm sure I won't be going back to the perms. In fact I haven't even been tempted to. It's just not an option for me anymore. What HAS been tempting me is feeling all of these lovely curly babies in my hair and wanting to snip away the permed ends so that I can see and play with them.

Well I'd better get to some studying. I have a test tonight and a meeting at 4 with one of the professors that I might be working on my Master's Thesis with.

Bye Lovelies!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another Oyin Order

So I gave in and placed my second order to Oyin. I think this one should hold me for a while. I hate that you have to wait 2 weeks though. I definitely will be ordering before I run out. Here's what I ordered for anyone interested:

1 honey-hemp conditioner
* size - 32oz

1 shine & define - gentle styling serum
* size - 8oz

1 whipped pudding - rich, shea-based cream
* size - 8oz

1 burnt sugar - hair pomade
* size - 4oz

1 greg juice - nourishing herbal leave-in

I will be a kid on Christmas when this order comes. The burnt sugar hair pomade I haven't used before, but it seems promising and I've heard it's really good for braids and twists. After I've played in my hair for a few more weeks, I think I'll go ahead and put those kinky twists in. Maybe this will curb my itch to cut it. On that note, I was amazed at how easy it was for my to trim my ends yesterday...seeing as I HATE getting my hair cut...even though my hair dresser used to cut maybe an inch or two ever 3 or 4 months. To me it was like he was hacking off 5 inches lol. I'm sure I didn't cut it evenly at all. I just held the braids I had in while I was washing and snip snip snip. I tried to cut them at about the same length in all 8 braids...but who knows. It's just the permed hair anyway. If my new growth was longer, I'd probably just hack it off anyway...

But I digress. I bought some stretchy headbands and some banana clips at Walmart today. I want to see if I can turn this braidout into a puff tomorrow (since I ended up flattening some of it sleeping). I may experiment tonight just to see how it will turn out. If it's not good though I'll just throw on my scarf.

I'm still in Birmingham too. I decided to stay until tomorrow morning since I don't have class tomorrow night (just a study session over at Andy's at 6 or 7 I think). I'll be staying until Monday next weekend too since Valentine's Day is Sunday. My Wii was my present, and I got James a 25 inch monitor for the new computer he built. That thing is HUGE! It's almost twice the size of his old one. We can watch movies on it from the bed and not have to squint lol. I think next weekend will be pretty laid back though. Maybe just renting some movies and cooking something good. You know...snuggling and whatnot.

Well I guess that's it. I'm going to surf the internet while James cooks some delicious steaks for dinner. Yeah I know you're jealous lol.

Bye lovelies!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Braidout results and Oyin Review

So this is what my braidout looked like after I took the rollers out. Not bad, but I think it looks better in person. My camera was doing something funky with the colors though. Not sure what was up with that. And no I'm not wearing lipstick lol

My hair still feels pretty soft. The only thing I have in it right now is the Shine and Define serum and a little of the Greg Juice. I've already looked online to see how much it will be to order some more stuff...If I order big containers of the Whipped Pudding (8 0z.), Honey Hemp conditioner (32 oz.), Shine and Define (8 oz.) and bottle of Greg's Juice (8 oz.) it will come up to be about $78 before shipping. That's a bit much, but I do have a 5 or 10% off coupon from joining the mailing list...oh yea this is before shipping too...ouch lol. It's totally worth it though.

On to the review: (pictures taken from

First up was the Grand Poo Bar Succulent Solid Shampoo. I cut off a small piece of this to lather in my hands as the directions stated...think steak fry size lol. I wasn't very impressed with this shampoo unfortunately. It was a little hard to use first of all. I had it in my hands and sat there rubbing them together trying to get a lather going but there really wasn't one. Next I tried rubbing the piece I had in my already wet hair...still a no go. Next I tried putting the piece of soap in some warm water in my spray bottle (I microwaved the water for about 20 seconds so it was warm but not super hot) to see if I could shake it up and kind of melt it did lather up a bit more in the bottle and I tried spraying it on my hair and massaging it in, but my spray bottle trigger was sticking and making me frustrated so I just wound up dumping my concoction over my hair and trying to massage it in. The piece that I put in the bottle didn't shrink much so I took it out and kept it. I'm going to look on NP and see if some of the ladies there have some suggestions for how to use it easier...if I can't figure out a way by my next wash, I'll probably skip ordering another bar when I place my next worries though!

Next was the 4 piece sample pack of course, which included Whipped Pudding, Shine and Define hair Serum, Greg's Juice, and Honey Hemp Conditioner.

First off, let me say how much I LOVE the smell of the Whipped Pudding. It's to DIE for. I put some on my face yesterday after my shower to moisturize it (and mostly because it smelled so good I just had to use it for SOMETHING right away!) and it left my face smelling really soft and of course smelling great. James walked past the bathroom yesterday when I was trying a little in my hair and did a double take because it smelled so good (always a good sign lol). It made my hair feel pretty soft yesterday too. I put a little on my hair as a deep conditioner after I put the Honey Hemp conditioner on and wore a showercap for a while while I cleaned out the tub and gave Chase a bath.

As I said, I put the Honey Hemp conditioner on my hair and whipped pudding as a deep conditioner. The Honey Hemp smells really good too. Kind of lemony and fresh smelling. Plus it detangles like nobody's business. I didn't want to use a whole lot since I have small sample bottles and it takes 2 weeks to get your stuff (gotta make that little bottle STRETCH!) but the little bit I did use made my hair feel soft instantly. I also clipped my ends while my hair was braided up (I attempted to wash my hair in braids but took them out after I put the conditioner in to detangle my hair).

I washed everything out in the shower (at this point my hair was feeling awesomely soft) and after I got out I put some Shine and Define all through my hair. For some reason I was expecting this stuff to be clear, bit it's a light yellow color. It smells like some delicious lemon sherbet or something. I braided my hair up and put end wraps on and wrapped the braid loosely about 2/3 of the way up. Then I sprayed a good amount of Greg Juice on my hair. This also smells lemonade with berries in it. I have no idea why everything smells like lemons to me but it's all good :)

I was short on time so I had to sit under the dryer for 15-20 min (on low) but some braids were still a bit damp so I got back under there for 5-10 min on high. When I took the braids out some felt slightly damp but not enough for them to be limp and they still held their waves pretty well.

All and all I'm sold. It might be a bit expensive, and it may take a while to get it but like everybody who's used it's WORTH it! That's why I'll be ordering the BIG bottles next time so I won't run out. I'm curious to try some of the other products like the different scented "juices" (Frank Juice and Juices and Berries are just like Greg Juice but they smell different) or the burnt sugar pomade.

So that's it for my hair today. Hopefully it holds up pretty well with me sleeping on it enough to wear it a few more days. If I can figure out to turn it into a puff after it's busted in a few days, I may try that too.

Another Braidout

I washed my hair today and used some of the Oyin products I bought. I bought a 2 sample packs (one for my niece who is natural) which included Honey Hemp conditioner, Greg Juice, Shine and Define and Whipped pudding (which smells like CHOCOLATE CAKE! OMG!). I also bought a bar of the Grand Poo Bar Succulent Solid Shampoo for myself. Not enough time to do a review on the products right now, but I think I'll be an Oyin honey lol. I was tempted to hop online and place my second order already. I'm waiting to see how my hair turns out though. After I washed it, I put some shine and define in it and a little Greg juice while I braided it and rolled the ends with end papers around my pink rods. I'm short on time so I sat under the dryer for about 15-20 min on low. I'm really trying not to use heat but...oh well. I still feel a few braids that feel a bit damp so I might hop back under there for another 10 min. or so.

James' sister's baby shower is today at 3. I made some Oreo Truffles for it yesterday. I just have to put them in the carrying tray that I'm going to use. I think I'll leave that to the last minute.

Well I have to run. There's a sink full of dishes that's calling my name...awesomeness lol.

Later Lovelies!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5 whole months!

5 months since my last perm! I think the last time I got one was around labor day weekend...that was also the weekend someone broke into my apartment and stole my brand new TV :(

But no worries, I have RENTERS INSURANCE now and I'm more conscious about safety and whatnot.

Back to the hair...I think I might try something new with my hair. I plan on going to Sally's today and I think I'm going to get the shears to give myself a nice trim, and also get some hair to try to do my own kinky twists. Now you guys know I can NOT do hair very well...but it seems easy enough and I think my hair needs a break. I've been trying to give it one by wearing head wraps but...maybe this will work out better. I'm not sure how long they will take to put in...I guess it depends on how small I decide to make them. I should have a lot of time on my hands this weekend so I'm going to try to power through!

I think it's about time for a wash and retwist of James' hair too so I'll probably do that while I'm in Bham. James' sister is having a baby shower Saturday. I totally forgot that I'm supposed to be making some oreo truffles for it until just now...doh! I guess I should go to the store and get the stuff so that I can start making them today...blah...I don't wanna! Guess I have to go to the dreaded Walmart after all...

Oh yeah! I got an e-mail yesterday saying that my Oyin shipment is on the way. I think it should get to James's house tomorrow...I think I'll put those kinky twists on hold so I can play with this stuff...SO excited!

I guess I'm off I wonder if they have good hair shears there...hmm...the website has a few.

Bye lovelies!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Almost 5 months!

So as of today my ticker says that I've been perm free for 4 months, 4 weeks and 1 day...awesomeness! True enough I've only been on the natural train for about maybe 3 or 3 of those months...but progress is progress right?

I'm still having a love/hate relationship with my hair right now...loving the new growth (and my spiral, springy coils!) but hating trying to manage the two textures. I decided to give my hair a bit of a break for about a week or so...or ever since I got my head wraps. I've been rocking those for the past few days. That way my hair won't get messed around in too much. I did deep condition and wash the other day though (Saturday I believe). I forgot to bring a shower cap to put on my head to let the conditioner sit though, so I just basically let it hang out on my head for a while while i cleaned the tub out to give Chase a bath and then washed it when I got in the shower.

I didn't detangle this time, just because I was curious of what would happen. I can't say it's too bad, because I haven't been attempting to style it lol. I have been getting a few odd looks with my headwrap on (or maybe I'm just being paranoid?) but it's ok. Sometimes I forget I even have it on, and I like that.

In other news, I spent the weekend with James and Chase of course. I also took Chase to get a haircut Saturday. I went to this place by UAB where a guy friend of mine used to go (I didn't really know of many others). One guy there cut a few kids hair that were moving and squirming all over the place, and still did a really good job so I got him to cut Chase's hair. He was amazed at how still he sat while he was cutting it lol.

James bought me a Wii, which I told him is my early Valentine's Day present. I bought another controller and nunchuck for it, and the new Mario game. It's a bit challenging (mostly because I make stupid mistakes) but it's fun. I'll probably play some more after I get done on the computer lol. James came to Montgomery with me after we dropped off Chase on Sunday and spent the night. He just left about 30 min or so ago, and he has to go straight to work. I wouldn't mind taking a nap before class but I think I need to stop being a lazy butt and stay up at least. We'll see. I guess.

James and I had a super date day yesterday and he bought some new shoes (boots). I looked for some but I'm too picky about my shoes so I couldn't find any I liked. I'll have to go another day when I have more time because they were having a really good sale. I think I'll step outside of my comfort box and buy some black sneakers this time lol. James did get me to try on some boots like his, which actually looked pretty cute on me but they were mostly brown...and I wouldn't get as much practical use out of them as he would. We also went to Chili's for lunch and came back to my place for a great nap...then went to Carrabbas for dinner. Then this morning we went to IHOP for breakfast. We usually don't eat out this much, but it was a good treat.

In other hair news, I think I might buy some good hair shears and start trimming my ends. Maybe an inch or so here and there. Who knows, maybe I'll get brave (or foolish) and do the big chop unexpectedly. I almost don't want to buy them because I think it would motivate me to got ahead and cut my hair when I don't really want to yet. Also I want to get a Denman brush that everyone has been raving about. Apparently it's THE brush to detangle with. I'm not so sure if it would detangle my hair or just rip out the permed ends...

I'm also still waiting on my Oyin order...should be sometime this week though. Man it's painful to have to wait on something this long. I hope I like the products though. Everyone says they're worth the wait. I wish I could forget about them and be surprised when they get here lol.

I guess that's it for now...more when I get around to it!

Bye lovelies!