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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scarf/Headwrap take 2

So this is the headwrap I wore to class tonight. It looks blue/purple but it's actually black. I got it at TJ Maxx today. I also got a pretty black and purple one from Walmart. I felt a little lame since it was from the Miley Cyrus line...but it's cute. Plus Lacy said she had the same one (lol) so maybe we'll both wear them the same night so we can match.

<~~Another goofy smile lol

I threw on some earrings to make it look like I was trying at least a little bit. These were the only ones I could find quickly that went with it though.

On a whim I did one of the 10 minute cardio workouts from the biggest looser DVD's my sister got me for Christmas. Man am I out of shape! I had to slow down a little bit here and there but I got through it, so that's something right? I wanted to try it again tonight but my stomach keeps hurting (note to more McDonalds for dinner!)

In other hair news, I still can't keep my hands out of my hair. I think I feel coils, but I can't tell for sure because the ones I find coiled together are towards the crown/back of my head and it's hard to get my head to an angle in the mirror to see them. I was able to peek at a few tonight though and it LOOKS like coils to me. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but I'm excited. It makes me want to BC (Big Chop) just so I can see if I'd have them all over my head. I guess I'll see how things go after I wash my hair (didn't do it tonight). I think I'll deep condition and just let it air dry and see how my babies are doing. I did notice a spot on the left side of my nape that seems to have broken off I guess because it's really short. I really don't feel any permed hair at all there. I've always had problems with my nape breaking off. Usually from the headwrap rubbing up against it or it poking out from under the headwrap and rubbing on the pillow. Maybe I need to invest in a satin pillowcase.

Well I guess that's it for now. More when I get around to it.

Bye Lovelies!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well, first off I just want to say that I LOVE my hair. I took off the hat that I wore to class tonight (curls from this weekend were done and the scarf I bought to use as a head wrap didn't turn out how I wanted it to) and ran my fingers through my hair...and now I can't stop! I've just been running my fingers in my hair and feeling my new growth and all of my springy, coily, curl babies. Love love LOVE it. I've literally been here for at least the past 2 hours while I've been on the computer with my hands in my hair ever few minutes.

I think the deep conditioner I used with shea butter helped to define the curls more. I did notice that my hair was looking extra curly with the conditioner in while I let it sit under a shower cap, but I thought it just normally looked like that and I hadn't been paying attention. I think I'll cowash tomorrow morning before class. I wanted to do it tonight but I didn't want to go to sleep with damp hair. I'm not sure about a style though...I may just let my hair air dry this time. I guess I'll have to come up with something since I have class tomorrow night. Maybe I'll go to Walmart or TJ Maxx and see if they have any cute, cheap scarves (longer ones).

I had to cut a couple of stray strings off of the scarf that I was experimenting with before class and I have to say the thought of big chopping crossed my mind. Of course I wouldn't do it with regular scissors. I'd go get some nice shears from Sally's just for the occasion (and so that I wouldn't damage my ends). I even played around with my hair and pulled it back to imagine what I'd look like with about 2 inches of hair...hmm nope still don't think it would be cute yet lol. I am thinking about at least doing a trim. One woman on Youtube said she cut a little tiny section that she could hide in her hair just to see what her natural hair looked like. I thought about that too but when I suggested it to James he didn't think it was a good idea. All or nothing I guess lol. Plus if I do get sisterlocks, I don't want there to be a weird 2 inch section just randomly in the middle of my head.

Ok enough babble about my hair. In some other sadder news, I found out that the professor that got taken away in the ambulance yesterday passed away. He was 64. I didn't know him well at all but he seemed like a nice guy. He apparently ran 2 miles every day. I couldn't run 2 miles if there was a guy behind me with a gun! He went pretty peacefully though. I guess that's the best any of us could hope for.

Well I guess that's it for tonight. I think I'll play some video games on the computer and then call it a night.

Night Lovelies!

Hair, Hair, Go Away?

Strange title right? Well I've been looking around and doing my hair research (which consists of mostly looking at the Nappturality forums for hours on end every day, and some time looking at hair videos on Youtube) and the more I look, the more I'm torn about what to do with my hair.

When I made the decision to go natural, I had no intention of doing the "Big Chop" or cutting off all of my permed hair. Actually what finally won me over about going natural and wanting locs was the fact that you could start Sisterlocks with permed hair. All I needed was an inch of new growth (which I had about 1/2 an inch or so of when I finally committed to going natural). If I had the money when I decided to go natural, I would have booked my consultation appointment the next week if I could. Since I had to wait until I got the money for it (part of my financial aid money...which has now been pushed back to using part of my tax refund). Now I have the money at hand so to speak...but I still want to wait a while. I want to experiment with the Oyin Homemade products that I ordered (I think I still have a week to wait on them to get to me...grr!) and get better at styling my hair.

I will admit that dealing with the two textures is not easy. I love washing my hair and not having to run from the rain like I'm going to melt. My hair actually seems to love water. During my last wash this past weekend my hair was so curly and beautiful when I put in my deep conditioner that it made me smile. I'm afraid that I'm doing more harm than good when it comes to my permed ends though. Whenever I wash and detangle, no matter how carefully, I still see (what seems like a lot to me) permed ends shedding in the comb. Now I know, some shedding is normal, but I feel like before long I won't have to worry about my permed ends too much longer because they will be all broken off. Unlike others who are transitioning, I don't "hate" my permed ends. I'm not in a hurry to hack them off so that I can be "natural". I am having a hard time deciding if I want to go ahead with the Sisterlocks ASAP so that I can hopefully retain the length that I have (and yes I know I have to chop the permed hair as my hair grows eventually) and have less upkeep as far as my hair goes or maybe even do the big chop and go from there.

Yes the big chop bug has bitten me. I think it's all of the Youtube videos I watched about the subject. I still have the mentality that even though it looks beautiful on all of the ladies that I've seen that have taken the plunge, that if I do it it will look...weird and let's face it...not cute at all. I just don't think I can "pull it off" so to speak. Another part of me wants to be bold and just go for it. I have a good amount of new growth, so I won't be totally bald. Plus there are some styles that I'd love to try on my own hair that I can't pull off with the two textures (two strand twists, braidouts, puffs, flat twists). Then again, I'd be scared to do my own big chop. I'd probably want to go let a professional do it, but I don't want to go to someone new and I don't want to go back to my old stylist...I dunno I guess I don't want to be judged. I have a feeling he'd probably roll his eyes and tell me what a dumb idea it is, but do it anyway...and he might cut it shorter than I want....

So basically I'm torn. To big chop or not to chop. I'm not sure yet. I have seen how cute it looks to wear a scarf on your head though...and it's really simple. I bought a black one and I'll probably look for more if I like the way that one turns out. It's even easier than my doughnut bun for those days when my hair looks a HOT mess. And plus it will protect my hair while I figure out what the heck I'm going to do with it...maybe I need to make more hats lol. I'm not sure. I talked to James about it a few times, and he basically has told me to do whatever I want but to make a decision and stick with it. Hmm...if only it were that easy.

Well in other news, my class last night was canceled because of a medical emergency for one of the professors at my school (not one that I have class for). When I got on campus last night, they were wheeling him out on a stretcher into an ambulance. I haven't heard any new news today but I hope he'll be ok.

Also, James was really sick over the weekend so I wound up staying until Monday to make sure that he was ok. He was a lot better by the time I left. He doesn't get sick often, but when he does it's usually pretty almost go to the emergency room bad.

Well I guess that's it for now. I'm going to grab a snack and then look at more hair related things that will make me probably want to grab some scissors and snip snip

Bye Lovelies!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Moving on...

So I finally got my money as I said in the last post. The first thing I did was hop online to pay some bills. I have everything paid off except rent (haven't gone to the bank to get the money order yet) and my speeding ticket (I was a day late with paying it since I didn't have the money so I have to mail a money order for that too). I paid a little extra on my credit card bill, power bill, and cable in order to stay ahead of the curve. This way I can keep paying what I should have been paying but still be at least a month ahead if I can't pay them for whatever reason.

James and Chase came and I had a blast with them. We all went shopping and I got a few shirts at old navy (half off of I probably spent $10 max on 4 shirts) and bought James 2 pair of pants (he's so tall, old navy is the only place I've been able to find pants that fit him off the rack...and a 36 36 is still a little difficult to find even in there lol). Chase also got an outfit and a new pair of Spiderman shoes that light up...and a Spiderman watch that he wound up leaving here. Oh well, I'll take it to him next weekend. I also bought another TV, and a stand. I use some metal cable to secure it to the stand so that if someone wants to steal it, it will at least slow them down or they'll get mad and just break the TV lol

I have groceries and lots of juice and snacks from Sam's Club. I also was able to place my order with Oyin. I would have done it earlier but when I got ready to, I saw that they were having the sample pack sale so I decided to wait. I should get it in about 2 weeks it said. I also ordered a sample pack for Tina, my niece and I ordered myself a bar of the grand poo bar solid shampoo to try. I'm excited!

In other hair news, I bought a pack of the Curlformers and did my hair with them thursday. It turned out really cute that day, and the next day was ok (the right side was cute but the left side had fallen so it wasn't as cute). It was raining the second day so I just threw on a hat and had some curly bangs hanging out. Very cute :)

<~~Curly Goodness (ignore my goofy smile)

I watched some YouTube videos from nriccaboni for a big part of the day. She has Sisterlocks with permed ends and she really gave a good perspective and review of the stuff that you don't expect when you first get them. Everyone thinks that they will love them as soon as they get them, but you really may not. You just have to get through that phase to get to the beautiful locks that you see others have. I can't wait to get mine installed. I think I'll use some of the money from my tax return to pay for it. I want to get them ASAP but I also want to have some time to play around with my hair with the new Oyin products that I ordered.

I spent a good bit of the day with my friend Lacy today. We just hung out at her apartment and chatted about stuff and messed around with her cats. I took a benadryll before going over there so I wouldn't be sneezing every two seconds because of the cats. I didn't sneeze, but it did make me a bit drowsy. I guess I'll just have a great night's sleep tonight lol.

I guess that's it for now. More when I get around to it.

Bye lovelies!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

FINALLY! (now I can stop whining!)

So I finally got my deposit in my account (yay!) and I've been paying off bills online like a mad woman. I'm sure my debit card is ready to cry from the abuse...but I'm going to go to walmart in a little while so there's more pain to come for it lol.

I got my books last night. They cost $488 (but somehow changed to $444 when they were paid for by the GI dependents thing that I have). I had to get a DSM-IV-TR (which is like the therapist's bible for those who don't know) for one of my classes. I already had one but I figured I'd let the government buy me another lol. Plus we don't have class monday or tuesday for the MLK holiday (yeah I'm a little weirded out by the tuesday thing) which means that I just have class wednesday of next week.

In hair news, I did an olive oil treatment on my hair. I put some olive oil in one of my spray bottles and went to town on my hair. Then I put on 2 shower caps, and my satin cap to sleep in. I also put a towel over my pillow so I wouldn't mess up the pillowcase. My plan was to get up and wash my hair and let it air dry. Now since I have monies, I'm going to go to Sally's and buy the curl formers I SHOULD have gotten for x-mas lol. I'll just wear a hat and nobody will know I have a baggie on my head. I also need to think about making the appointment for my consultation for my sisterlocks. I may wait a little bit, since I have the cash now.

I also need to do some cleaning in preparation for James and Chase's arrival. James is saying he's going to try to be on the road by 4, which would put them here at around 5:30. So, I guess I'd better get dressed so that I can go to sally's, then go to wally world and hopefully not get too pissed off (the one by my house SUCKS!). I may post a picture of my curlformers outcome tomorrow.

Bye lovelies!

P.S. I was just about to put in my order at Oyin when I saw that there was going to be a 10% discount on sample packs this weekend. Since I'm ordering one for myself and another for my neice, I'll wait and ALSO use one of the coupon codes that I have :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a little progress...

So maybe the people who dispurse financial aid money read my blog (lol) because even though I had checked my student account about 3 times the day I last posted, after I put up the post and I checked again, the money was FINALLY on my account. Not in my bank account yet...but at least it showed that it was on the way (I guess). The lady in the financial aid department told me it would take up to 3 business days for me to have the money in my checking account. (I also double checked with them that they had my direct deposit info on file lol).

So I guess it really will be any day now...but I wish it was TO-day...

Class last night was ok I guess. There's only 9 of us in this class (and my one on mondays) so we're meeting in the tiny conference room in the psychology department. We have to do powerpoints about each section of the book like last semester (ugh) so that will be fun. I have to get my books still...I guess I'll do that today. One more class tonight and then I'm free for a few days. James and Chase will most likely be here Thursday or Friday so I'll enjoy spending time with them.

I'd REALLY enjoy buying groceries with my financial aid money to fill the cabinets with too...


In hair news, I think I'll try a deep condition with olive oil tonight and I'll wash my hair tomorrow. That should be interesting...sleeping with a shower cap on and all. I guess that's about it for now...more news when I get it!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still Waiting...

So no financial aid yet. The wait is starting to get PAINFUL. On the one hand I keep thinking "maybe today's the day" so that I'll be able to breathe a sigh or relief...and on the other hand I'm thinking "nope not today either...". I thought I just had to wait till the 6th of this month and then pay off everything...but it seems I'm in for a long wait. Seriously, if it's not in my account by Friday then I'm going to have some problems. I would like it in there TO-day though.

Enough about that. Last night was the first night of class for the new semester. It was my Advanced Abnormal Psychology class with one of the professors that I had last semester (my favorite). Tonight I have Cognitive Neuroscience (yeah it just SOUNDS hard) with another professor that I had last semester (my least favorite one lol). Wednesday I well I don't remember the class name but I haven't had the professor before. I've seen him around though. He's always poking his head in the window of the class and waving at people. Hope he doesn't grade super hard.

I also need to be getting an advisor to start my Master's thesis. I think you're supposed to have one by the end of this semester. I was contacting one that I thought may be a good option last semester but she never got back to me with a time that I could meet with her, and I got caught up with other things. Guess I'll shoot her an e-mail today.

I need to go get my books today...or tomorrow...I'm being lazy again. I guess I should pick up some milk too. I have a lot of cereal in here. I might have to live off of it until I get my other money...whenever that may be lol. It's ok though. I have some chicken breasts and other stuff in there that I can cook, and I went to Popeyes last night and got a family meal so that it will last me a few days. Kinda sad to eat the whole thing by yourself but at least it will take me a FEW days and not just one day lol.

I also need to do something to my hair. I thought about doing a deep condition with olive oil (putting a lot on my hair and then wearing a shower cap or two to sleep) and then washing my hair this morning. I didn't know if I would be in a "get up and go" mood this morning (yeah right) and want to go get my books and run to the store so I didn't just in case. It's a little chilly outside and I shouldn't be running around with wet hair. I may just wait and do that tomorrow night since I'll be here Thursday with nothing to do. I put my hair in a few braids last night (about 6 or 7 probably) and sprayed them with my leave in conditioner, and then later on I got bored so I wrapped them in bantu knots. No idea how it's going to turn out today, but that's what hats are for I guess lol.

Also, James and Chase are supposed to be coming to visit me Thursday or Friday. It would be nice for me to have cabinets full of food for them (lol). Either way, I guess I'll be in town this weekend. I haven't been here in almost a month (minus the stop I made to check on everything on my way from Mobile to Montgomery).

Speaking of Mobile, I heard from one of my class mates that USA (University of South Alabama) in Mobile is supposed to be getting their PhD program in Psychology started about the time we graduate and that they're supposed to be REALLY good. I knew they were trying to get a PhD program there but I hadn't heard that it went through. I guess I'll have to put them back on my list of graduate schools...I so don't want to move back to Mobile though...ugh. Maybe 2 years won't be so bad. That puts my choices for my doctorate program to Auburn University (in Auburn, AL) and USA in Mobile. Hmm...

Mardi Gras is coming up soon. I think Fat Tuesday is somewhere around Valentine's Day. (according to which I just checked, Fat Tuesday is Feb. 16th) I'd like to go but I'd have to miss Tuesday's class at least, and maybe Wednesdays. I'm not sure if I'd be able to. It would be fun to go if James can come too and go to a Mardi Gras ball. I was never old enough to go to one and when I was...well I was in school and couldn't make it home lol.

Ok enough rambling for now. I'm off to get something to put in my tummy. Have a good day everyone!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some happy news

My dad put a little money in my checking account until I get my loan money (yay!) so I'm not completely broke.

We got Chase today. It's been about 2 or 3 weeks since I've seen him (I can't remember exactly). He's still the same crazy/sweet little guy he always was. He and James are taking a nap right now. I wasn't sleepy obviously. I think James' alarm is going to go off soon though.

Here's hoping I have a big deposit in the bank tomorrow! (fingers crossed!)

Plus I'm almost finished with the hat I've been crocheting...actually I would be completely finished but I decided to go back and take out a few rows because it made the hat a little bigger than I want it to be. I should be completely done tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we're supposed to get some rain/ice/snow tonight and tomorrow. I hope it doesn't get too bad outside. I'll be trying to stay warm!

I guess that's about it for now. More when I have something to type about!

P.S. On the way to pick up Chase today we wound up driving past my old hair dresser. I was thinking about all of the time/money I've given them over the years...oh well.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another delay...

So today was supposed to be a happy day. I was supposed to wake up, check my bank account and see my financial aid funds in there and hop on the internet to pay some bills.


Even though they were supposed to be dispersed today (or at least so says the website) once I called the financial aid office, they said it wouldn't be going out until the first week of class...crap! So that means I have another 4 days to wait until Monday...which is also the first day of class. Ugh! This totally screws up my plans... Plus they probably won't be in there Monday either.

Maybe by some lucky twist it will be in there in the next few days...but I doubt it. Guess it's another hurry up and wait I guess that's all I can do...

Enough whining...

for now.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

First post of the new year! Yay! I guess I'll do a quick recap of the holidays. I spend Christmas in mobile with the family and James came down for a few days as well. Lots of fun, but in no way would I want to move back there permanently lol. I experimented with curlformers (which I asked for for x-mas and my sister in law bought a box since the store had one and decided she wanted to try them...but she's too tenderheaded so she didn't really use them lol.) and it turned out well. My sister in law is supposed to send me hers if she decides not to use them (which she probably won't) or I'll just buy my own set in the next few days with the financial aid money.

I spend new years eve with James of course. I couldn't hang though...I wound up falling asleep around 11 but he work me up at 12 for our new years kiss since he knew I wanted to (everybody say AWWWW!) Speaking of "aww" I forgot to mention that him and I took a picture in mobile during my family's Christmas pictures "tradition" I guess you could say. Our colors this year were black and gold. It turned out really well. Anyways, here's James and I...

Very cute if I do say so myself...

And here's one of the whole family (minus James) together.

We're a handsome bunch lol

Next year if we take pictures, my hair will be SISTERLOCKED! Yes I'm getting excited. I wish I could go ahead and get the consultation now and get them installed ASAP but I guess I have to wait for the money first... I will be scheduling my consultation as soon as the financial aid money hits my account though.

All and all it was a good holiday season and I'm looking forward to a great new year. I hope this year is even more awesome than last year. Speaking of awesome...check out the candy platter I made for x-mas...

Goodies include: White and Milk Chocolate Peanut clusters, Chocolate covered pretzles, Mint Oreo Truffles (the ones with green icing), Regular Oreo Truffles, and my famous fudge w/ walnut (in the center)

The picture doesn't do it justice...this thing was massive. The tray was the large one that walmart uses for their chicken finger or buffalo wing platters. By the time I got done with it, I didn't want to see ANYTHING dipped in chocolate lol

Anyway, enjoy your new year and I'll be back when I can :) Hopefully with good news.