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Friday, December 18, 2009

Not quite...

In hair news....I talked to some Sisterlocks consultants on the phone over the last few days. I was a little disappointed when I talked to the first consultant that's in Montgomery because she said that she would only sisterlock the virgin hair (new growth) and that's it. I was under the impression that all of my hair would be locked into the pattern...or at least most of it. I know I'd have to cut the ends as it grew out since they'll never locks but still...

So I called another consultant that lives in Birmingham. She and her daughter work together and she seems pretty cool and very nice. We talked for about 30 minutes and she also explained that they would only lock the virgin hair, but I'd have both of them working on my hair so it would probably go a lot faster...but the down side is that I'd have to go to their house (I'd rather go to a shop...) and the next slot they would have open to do my hair would be July. Yeah...not gonna happen.

So after two disappointments I jumped online to look at more pictures of women who've transitioned with Sisterlocks and lots of permed hair. I realized that it's not that bad, and as the second consultant told me, my hair would just look like I had micro braids with the ends loose, and most people wouldn't think it's my hair (which I can live with for now). So now I'm back at square one. I still want to get them done, and I think I'll go with the consultant in Montgomery. I'm going to contact her probably monday and see when I could come for the consultation (after I get the cash to pay for it of course) and about when I could get them installed (her website said to pick a date 30 days in advance, so if I get a consultation in January I probably won't be able to get them installed until February. Oh well...

Speaking of disappointments, I was finally able to look at my grades today. I got 2 A's in my graduate classes and a B in the undergrad class that I was taking. I know it shouldn't be a big deal and that I still did well, but I'm still disappointed. I worked my butt off this semester to get all A's, and I still couldn't do it. Plus I know it will only get harder from here on. I'm not sure if that class counts into my GPA though.

So that's about it I guess. I got a little bit of my X-mas shopping done with James' help. He's catching a cold and having problems with his car. Poor thing. I hope everything works out for him. He really deserves it.

Well I guess I'm off to surf the internet for a while. Ta ta!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I changed my layout again (obviously) because the other one was making James' head hurt. I'm not sure this one is better but he says it is lol.

I washed my hair (finally!) last night and put 4 flat twists in. I haven't taken them out yet but this is the first time I've put flat twists in wet and only the second time I've flat twisted my whole head. We'll see how it goes. Next time I was I may just let my hair air dry after I put my oils and whatnot on it and then flat twist it. It was a little hard to keep the sections separated while it was wet and I was afraid of ripping hair.

I had a weird dream last night about my hair, which I wrote about on NP here. I will be glad when I get my siserlocks so I can be done worrying about my loose hair. I just don't want to mess it up...but part of me thinks I should wait a while before I get it sisterlocked and let it grow out some more. It may be more of a hassle to deal with SO much permed hair in the sisterlocks since they will have to be trimmed anyway. Who knows...we'll see. I may have to go have a talk with the sisterlock consultant here and see what she suggests and see if I even want to use her. If so I will have some time between getting my financial aid money (jan 6th or so) and starting back classes (jan 11th) so that may be the best time to get them done since I'll have several days with nothing to do.

I've been meaning to go to walmart so I can get some more yarn to play with and make hats with. My second attempt at a rasta hat came out good and if it wasn't a million colors, I'd start wearing it lol. I hope I don't go to crazy with buying patterns for hats though...because I have like 20 of them saved in my bookmarks at Esty that I want to get (cheaper than buying the hat, and this way I can learn new techniques too).

I guess that's enough rambling for now. I need to TRY to be productive today...but I don't wanna!

bunny<~~~me trying to write my papers lol

Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Lazy

I didn't do too much yesterday. I just sat around the house and enjoyed doing nothing. I stayed up until 2:30am on facebook chat with Lacy before I finally turned it in. I talked to James this morning at like 5 on his way to work. I caught a few cat naps here and there. Part of me wants to sleep for a little while longer and the other wants to be awake and do more nothing lol.

I have one more question to do on the take home final (due somewhere between monday and wed.) and it's a one page summary of our personal theory of therapy (which is basically an abstract of what the long 10 page paper is going to be about). I can't decide if I should just push through and B.S. something so it can be done and e-mailed or wait until after I do the long paper so I'll know what all to include. Maybe I'll do the short one first. I mean my professor doesn't want to read the exact same thing twice does he?

I also have to go take an exam wed. morning but it will be super easy. It shouldn't even take me a whole hour and I haven't even started studying for it. I usually studied for his tests this semester for 20 min the night before and skimmmed over it the morning of and made mostly a's. I think the lowest score I got on it was a 88 (B) which isn't so bad. I've only gotten 4 or 5 b's total in all of my classes this semester. I hope I wind up with all A's. that would be sweet (even though I only have 3 classes lol).

It's drizzling outside today and looks gloomy and cold...another reason for me to procrastinate washing my hair lol. No seriously I'm going to deep condition it and wash it today at some point. I think I'll try the flat twists I did the other day again. They actually turned out really cute the first day...and sorta cute the second day...and I kept my hair wrapped up yesterday and today so I dunno how it looks lol.

So little left to do but I still can't bring myself to get it done. oh well. I'll get there. I still have time :) I may buckle down tomorrow and finish everything. Who knows, I might go ahead and write that one page summary today if I'm feeling inspired...but right now I'm feeling inspired to go grab a brownie or some other kind of chocolate.

That's it for now! Byeeee!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Blog problems

My blog has been messing up lately. It won't load for me...trying to fix it ASAP!


Problems seem to be fixed for now!