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Monday, November 30, 2009

Sleepy Weepy

So I didn't wind up going out Friday night because Robin and her sister and b/f went to the casino with her dad instead but we did go out Saturday night. I had a pretty good time even though my funds were severely limited, and I had to wake up and drive back to Montgomery in the morning. My hair didn't turn out how I wanted it to, so I had my mom cornrow it and I wore it like that for a few hours until time to go out. I took the cornrows out just before we left when I was getting ready and I had some really cute waves. They apparently didn't last long because once we got done having drinks at Martini's and went upstairs to the little club area, I caught my reflection in one of the mirrors and I looked like a poodle lol. Oh well. The ups and downs of going natural.Robin is going natural too by the way, and her sister too I guess. They both had very cute small fro's going on.

At the last minute I had to wind up taking my niece Tina back to Montgomery with me too (she goes to ASU) because something didn't work out with the car her dad (not my brother) promised to give her to drive back. I didn't get on the road until about 11:30 whereas I wanted to leave about 10:30 at the latest. James was already in montgomery waiting on me so I wanted to get back ASAP lol. I dropped her off at school and enjoyed my time yesterday with James. We went out to eat at Chili's but apparently they stopped the 2 for 20 thing (even though the website had it up) and said they were starting it again tomorrow (which is today now) with new menu items. Still a good time though. I really enjoy our time together when we can just be with each other and not have anything to do.

I think my last day of actual class is Monday, and I have a 10 page paper(due on the 14th I believe), and two 2 page papers (due the 7th) that are 10 points each of my final in one class , a final and paper in another (with an optional second paper for extra credit) in another class (due on the 16th I think), and a grant proposal (at least 5 pages...not sure exactly) and a presentation about the grant proposal due in the last class (all due on the 9th). Guess we're coming down to the wire! Blah. Too much to do.

I have also decided that I'm going to pick up crocheting as a hobby again. I've been meaning to do this for a while (even bought some more beginner books, with hooks and some yarn) but I haven't gotten around to doing it yet. I originally wanted to make this super cute baby blanket that I saw, but now since I'm into the natural thing, I think I will try some hats. Also, I ran across some really cute ones on this homemade crafts site called with these cute newsboy style hats that I loved for $15 each...but why buy them when I can learn and make them myself right? I can buy the pattern for them for $6 :) Plus there are tons of free patterns all over the internet. This will give me something constructive to do (as in if I make cute hats I can wear them or maybe sell them. Also, it's about to get COLD so this is a good time to learn lol.They will be great for those "bad
hair days" that I'm sure to have a lot of coming up soon.

Ok that's enough of me rambling. I think I might hit the hay so I will be well rested and ready to start my various projects

Friday, November 27, 2009

Going out

My friend Robin is coming into town to visit her dad for the holiday along with her sister and someone else (I think it may be her b/f). We're supposed to be going out tonight for drinks but I am BROKE! And I don't just mean "oh I really don't feel like spending any money" kind of broke. I mean if I combine all of my money I probably won't come up with $20 broke. I almost don't want to go, but I guess I should to get out of the house. We'll probably be going around 9:30 or so. I can just drink some water and enjoy their company lol. Maybe I'll get lucky and some guy will buy me a drink (YEAH RIGHT! lol I wouldn't even want to be bothered if they did.)

I washed my hair again today. That makes a total of 2 times since I decided to do the natural thing. I couldn't really decide what to do with it so I'm trying another braid-out. Hopefully it will turn out good. I hate when I do something like this and it doesn't turn out how I want it because I usually don't have time to do anything to fix it and I just wind up brushing out the curls or whatever and putting it up with a clip.

I used my shower comb to detangle my hair while I was in the shower. It worked really well. A lot better than I expected. Plus my hair smells good lol. I will be glad when I get the sisterlocks so I won't have to worry that much about the loose hair. Then it will be a whole new ballgame of learning about my hair. I'm excited though!

I guess that's it for now. More when I get to it.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Layout!

New background and changed some of the colors up a bit...I like it for now :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Changing things up

Hi! So it's been forever and a day since I've posted. Here's a quick recap.

I live in Montgomery now, and I'm in the graduate program at AUM. I only have about 2 more weeks after thanksgiving break (which is next week) and then I'm done for the semester. I'm pretty close to getting all A's. I've only gotten 3 B's on tests this semester.

The big change is that I've decided to go natural (no more chemical fire, creamy crack perms for me!) and I've also decided that I want to get Sisterlocks. I've learned a lot about locks from doing James's hair and I've loved the look of Sisterlocks ever since I first saw them. They're pretty small so it will still allow me try out different styles AND you can start them with permed hair and just trim your permed ends off as your hair grows. I plan on getting them installed in January when I get my financial aid money.

So that's a (very) quick recap. I'm going to gear my blog more towards my hair/loc journey and a few everyday things mixed in. I hope you enjoy! I'll be spending a few days in birmingham (starting tomorrow) and then headed to mobile on monday, and then back to montgomery on that next sunday or monday.

P.S. I'll be changing up the look of my blog because it looks a little boring. Maybe over the thanksgiving holiday.