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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Has she fallen off of the earth?

No, I'm still here. Just a long time without posting. Didn't get around to it. So since I've posted last, I was out of work for like 3 weeks. We had a nasty case of diarrhea going around the unit and a lot of the patients got it so we had to lock down and not admit anymore until it cleared up. We got down to only 4 or 5 patients, and of course that meant that we were overstaffed. They sent me home early one Thursday and I just started back this past Tuesday. I had to call every day to see if I would be coming in the next day (we had to have more than 8 patients). It would have been a good time to go to Mobile for a while if I had known I was going to be off for so long. Just my luck, if I had gone then they would have told me I needed to come in the next day. I plan on making a trip down there for mother's day weekend though. After I get some more money of course (I ended up missing a check because I was off so long).

I'm still working with Craigspimp, and even bought an autoposter...which has given me endless problems. Still unable to use it and my ads were getting ghosted a lot before I got it so I wasn't making any money with it. Hopefully it will get fixed soon so that I can post (I have to wait for the guy who made it to e-mail me back with a fix that actually works).

James went for his second interview with Best Buy (there's one more if they invite him to take it) and I hope he gets it. They're not treating him right at Marvin's and he needs to get away from them, He's at the gym right now (of course) but he should be back soon.

I set up mobile posting when I logged on this last time, so maybe you'll be seeing more (short) updates from me in the future if it works. That's it for now though, more soon, I hope!