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Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 things...

I've been TAGGED! Well at least on Facebook. I'm supposed to list 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about myself in a note on there, but I would rather do it here, so here goes! Sorry if some are repeats from that other random fact post I did!

1. People chewing ice/ice cream is a pet peeve of mine.

2. My left foot is bigger than my right.

3. I have teeth that are very sensitive to cold things (hence the reason for #1)

4. I was a literature minor when I first started at UAB.

5. One of my eyes looks lazy in about half of my pictures. That same eye get squeezed to the point that it's almost closed when I smile too hard.

6. I've never traveled outside of the south and I've only flown on a plane about 3 times. Never by myself either.

7. I got ringworm from my dog once on my thigh. I still have a scar from it but it's going away

8. I have another scar on my right hand of 3 dots. One was from hot oil popping me when I was
cooking me, but I have no idea where the other two came from.

9. Some parts of my hair are shorter than others and tend to stick out sometimes. I'm paranoid
about it and check my reflection often to try to fix this.

10. Most of the time when I'm standing up (and sometimes sitting down), I'm holding my stomach in.

11. I shaved my eyebrows off once when I was little. I saw my sister arching her eyebrows with a straight razor but I didn't know what she was thing you know, poof mine were gone.

12. I also stuck a key in an electrical outlet when I was about 2 or 3. I remember doing it.

13. I was scared of a particular electric outlet in the hallway of my house for years growing up
and used to run past it to avoid it (see #12 for why).

14. My mom used to let me sit in her lap and "drive the car" by moving the wheel left and right
when I was little and we were waiting to pick up my brother from High School (the car was parked). My dad used to let me sit in his lap sometimes and drive the car while it was moving if we were around the corner from the house. He would work the brake and gas of course!

15. I never met (or remember meeting at least) my grandmother on my mom's side, and both of
my grandfathers.

16. I used to wonder if my "real" mother died when I was born because of the way my mom
acted when I was growing up (she had a mental disorder).

17. I've only seen my parents kiss or hold hands about 2 or 3 times in my life.

18. I don't ever remember my parents sleeping in the same bedroom.

19. I get discouraged when I'm telling a story and the person I'm telling it to doesn't listen. I usually won't finish the story.

20. I want to go to cooking school just for the heck of it, but particularly pastry school. I thought about being a pastry chef at one point.

21. I don't like cheese on certain foods if it's cold or plain (ex. salad, sandwiches, fried cheese, etc.)

22. I used to make myself a special drink when I was little from sprite, coke, and kool aid (if we had it) all mixed together. I think I used to mix coke, sprite and apple juice too but I can't remember exactly.

23. I usually order sprite if I'm at a sit down restaurant.

24. I used to be addicted to the show "Charmed".

25. I once bought myself and my two best friends in junior high necklaces that looked like "the heart of the ocean" from Titanic. We also had a necklace made with each of our names written on a separate grain of rice.

And that's all folks! Hope you found this entertaining and informative! lol

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another day, another dollar...

Work was ok today. One patient talked from the moment she woke up until the shot the nurse gave her finally took effect (around 30 minutes before I had to leave). I told some people about getting a lock for the light switch so we can lock it in the on position and won't have to fight with one of the patients about turning the light switch on and off (she also turns the radio up sometimes or changes the station).

It rained today and I forgot my umbrella in the car so I got a little wet walking to my car. A homeless guy (with a dog) asked me for some money to get something to eat, and I gave him some of the quarters I use to feed the meters.

James caught the cold I had. I got him some medicine today and told him to use some of that nose spray that I had been using. It made me feel a lot better. He has to work late tonight, so he's not home yet. Poor thing. He always works himself too hard. He made me the cutest message on the floor when I came home with socks and other things from around the apartment that said "I Luv U". He's such a sweetheart. I took a pic of it before the batteries on my camera died (again). I need to get some more, because I just charged them the other day and I haven't even used my camera until now. I will admit that I didn't notice it at first because I was in such a rush to get inside and put my stuff down and hang up my coat (I have a bad habit of leaving my purse/coats on a chair we have near the kitchen) but he brought it to my attention and I loved it. I'll post a picture when I'm not so lazy.

Well I guess I'm off to bed. Too bad James isn't here for me to snuggle on. Well he probably wouldn't want to anyway because he's sick and doesn't like that kind of stuff when he doesn't feel well. Oh well. Have a good night!

P.S. I don't know if I posted this before, but when I get my income tax money, I plan on getting that zodiac tattoo I've been wanting!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Back to pimpin

Well I finally figured out how to change my WAN IP address so that I could post on craigslist again for Craigspimp. I'm not getting as many responses today as I was the first time I did it, but a few dollars here and there for a couple of minute's work isn't that bad! I hope I get assigned a few more cities soon. That way I'll be making even more moolah.

Work was ok today. I wore my new shoes but I had some problems with them. One of them was irritating the heel of one of my feet but I fixed it by putting a few band-aids on my heel (That's the good think about working at a hospital...lot's of medical supplies).

In other news, James e-mailed a guy on craigslist about an ad he posted looking for models, so he's going to be in a "Gods and Godesses" calender. Now I can brag bout having a model AND body builder for a boyfriend lol.

Well I guess that's it for now. More when I get to it!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I think I'm catching a cold, but I hope not! My allergies have been acting up for the last few days. I think that cleaning stuff they use at work is way too strong. That's when I first started sneezing.

The pasta didn't turn out as good as I wanted it too. I think I should have added a bit more cheese. I tried putting some minced garlic in this time since i bought some for another pasta dish I plan to make later in the week. I forgot to get some Parmesan cheese for it though.

Well, I guess it's back to the old grind tomorrow. I hope I get my income tax Friday like I'm supposed to. If not, I should at least be getting some money from my dad. Oh yeah, I bought him some socks that he wanted for his birthday, and I also bought some new shoes. They're Nike's men's shoes but I didn't see anything in the women's section that I liked the last time I looked. I don't know why they have to make everything so girly or super plain. Not all girls like pink shoes.

Anyway, I think I'll be going to bed now. Bye!

P.S. James joined this body building website (he wants to train to do fitness modeling) that lots of people post pictures of their progress and whatnot with working out. It's helping him stay motivated. Here's the link to his page so you can go look at his pictures and admire his new nipple rings lol. Click here to view his page!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pimpin aint easy...

Well it looks like that Craigspimp thing is a bust. Craigslist is blocking me from posting, which means I won't be making any more money. I made about $27 in two or three days with not a lot of work so I guess that's ok. I cashed out my account and it's in my paypal account now. If I can get some more cities and keep posting I will, but if not then I'll just let it go.

I'm so glad that it's the weekend. I needed a break from work. I didn't do too much today. Just bummed around the house. I'm waiting on a repeat of the new Dane Cook comedy special to come on. I missed it the first time it came on because it was on late one Sunday night, and of course I was alseep. Chase is playing with his train set, but I'm going to have him lay down in a little while. He's been fed, bathed, and he got to play a lot today so he should be about ready to turn it in (he probably won't go to sleep until after James comes home from work though lol).

I can't wait to get my income tax. I still need to do my state taxes. I might go ahead and do them online and pay the little fee, just to have them done. I have the forms printed out, I just have to look over them and fill them out.

I'm cooking a nice Sunday dinner tomorrow. James said he wanted the pasta dish I make with cheese, ground beef and tomato sauce. The good thing about that dish is that is lasts for a few days. I end up making a big pan of it whenever I make it. I'm going to get the stuff for it tomorrow when we go grocery shopping. He also said that he wanted Strawberry Shortcake for dessert, which I've never made but I'll attempt. I might let the strawberries sit in a little bit of sugar and a few teaspoons of the strawberry flavored vodka we have, just to give it a little kick. I hope they turn out ok.

Well my show is on, so I'm off to watch it. Bye!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good Nap

I was able to take a good nap today when I got home from work. James and I laid down for a little while to cuddle before he went to work. Before I knew it, I was knocked out. I guess I slept about 3 hours because I didn't really get up until about 3. Then I cleaned out the tub and took a shower (I did it before I took a shower so I wouldn't forget to clean it after).

I've been doing this new online job called CraigsPimp. Basically you post ads on Craigslist posing as girls and when you get replies, they're forwarded to a specific e-mail address. For each new e-mail (meaning the guy hasn't e-mailed the service before) you get paid. I started Monday I think, and I've made $25 so far for about 30 min total work. The only hang up is that sometimes your posts get flagged or removed, and sometimes CraigsList won't let you post new ads for a little while. You still earn money for any ad that a guy replies to though, so if somebody e-mails Friday for an ad I put up Monday, I still get money. It's pretty fun actually. I requested my first payout. I don't want to have too much money sitting around without me getting it, because you never know what might happen.

I also passed all of the tests for kgb_ but I haven't had time to sign up for any hours. The only time they had the last time I got ready to sign up was sometime next week, and I just know I'd forget I was supposed to work and end up missing my shift. I do wish you were able to just hop on whenever like ChaCha.

Speaking of my online jobs, I finished my taxes the other day, but I forgot about "that place" I used to work for doing cards, and I was supposed to get a 1099 from them because I earned over $600 while I worked for them. I guess I'll just have to submit that later when I get it. I usually get all of my taxes back though, so I shouldn't end up owing much if any taxes on the money. I'm looking to get a few hundred dollars from taxes this year and I'm excited. I also was able to get a rebate credit since I didn't get the stimulus payment last year, so that was an additional $300 for me. I think you can still try to get one even if you did get a stimulus, but they'll subtract the amount that you got from the stimulus from your rebate.

James asked me what I wanted for Valentine's day, but I told him we can just spend some time together that day. I think he has to work that morning. I think I'll cook something good for him. If we do get each other anything I told him to make it less than $20. There's no reason to go all out for Valentine's day to try to prove that you love someone if you show them the other days of the year, I think.

Work was ok today. One guy kept jumping up saying that he was seeing kangaroos and snakes on him. He didn't get much sleep. The woman that always wanders and tries to open doors slept my whole shift, even though they woke her up twice to take blood and change clothes. I guess her medicine is finally working. I know she HAS to be tired. She usually walks from the time she wakes up until she falls asleep with not many breaks in between.

I've been wanting some Tiramisu from this Italian place that I took James to once called Johnny Carino's. The lasagna wasn't great the last time I went if I remember correctly, but the Tiramisu was really good. Maybe we'll go this weekend. I had Tiramisu from the Cheesecake Factory once, and it wasn't that good (The meatloaf was REALLY GOOD though!) and usually their food is really good.

I guess that's about it. More when I get to it!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random things...

Well let's see if I can catch up on some things. James and I went to Old Navy, Books a Million, the mall and Best Buy over the weekend. I was looking for some long sleeve shirts to go under my scrubs (since James is getting mad that I keep borrowing/stealing his) but they didn't have much of anything. And I mean anything. Even the stuff that was full price didn't look that good. When we went to Books a Million which is next door to Old Navy, I found a Suduko puzzle book for $0.97 so I got that. I started doing the one in the news paper at work and it got me back into them. Sometimes I'll do the daily one on Yahoo Games in the morning while I eat my breakfast (usually oatmeal) before I go to work. I guess it's a good way to get the wheels turning.

I wanted to look for a new purse at New York and Company in the mall, but they didn't have anything I liked (meaning something that was on sale) that was big enough. I need to get another one soon though, because the straps on my current purse look horrible. The leather is cracking peeling off in places. I stopped in Lane Bryant too since it's across the hall from New York and Company in our mall, but they didn't have anything good in there either. (None of the tops were plain enough for what I wanted). James hates that store though, so I try not to make him suffer too long when I go. It's probably not the store so much that he hates, but the fact that I take so long to shop lol. He has picked me out some very nice clothes from there before though.

At Best Buy, I finally used my gift card and bought the first season of scrubs, which I'm currently watching (when I'm not watching TV). I also got James more minutes for his phone. I might go back when I get paid and get season 3 (Already have season 2 and 6 oddly enough) since I still have $6 on the gift card and it was only $24 for the season.

Last week when I was cleaning out my purse, I found some pictures that James and I took last year some time (I think around the time we had first started dating) in one of those photo booths at the movies that gives you 4 pictures. The poses we picked were: both of us smiling, me kissing him on the cheek, him kissing me on the cheek and then both of us kissing and it has hearts on it and says "I love you". Super sappy and cute right? Anyway I had 2 copies of them in my purse so I decided to hang one up in the bathroom. I think people get caught up a lot in everyday things and don't take the time to appreciate the person that they're with, so it's my daily reminder to remember what a great man James is and how much I love him.

Lately I find myself making ga-ga eyes at James sometimes. Sometimes he'll do a little something that makes me feel special and I love that. I also try not to take those types of things for granted. If I was in a cartoon then I'd have two big hearts for eyes that are beating out of my head when I look at him lol. It's almost like I'm falling for him all over again. Really I think it's just the love that I have for him getting deeper, if that's possible. He really is someone that I could see spending the rest of my life with.

Ok, I know you guys are probably sick of all of that mushy stuff if you even made it this far so I'll quit lol. I'm about to surf around on the internet a bit and then settle down for bed after James gets home. I wish I was off of work tomorrow. Oh yeah that reminds me, I wore my new pants to work today and wouldn't you know it, as soon as I walked in and put my stuff down, I was making sure my shirt was pulled down and my pants were pulled up (lol) and one of the drawstrings from the pants broke. I had to improvise and just use the string from the other side to make sure they would stay up, since they're way too big in the waist, but had to be to fit in the thigh. I guess I tried to pull them too hard when I tied them this morning. I just can't win with these dang scrubs!

Well that's it for now. More another day!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sleepy Night

I could really go for some chocolate right now. Too bad there's none in the house. I guess you always get cravings for things that you don't have huh? I'm glad it's the weekend. I slept like a baby today. I guess the vodka shot(s) and wine coolers James and I had had something to do with it lol.

I'm looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow. Maybe do some window shopping at the mall or cash in that gift card I have for Best Buy and buy another season of Scrubs. Speaking of scrubs, the new ones came in the mail and they fit better. I don't like how big they are in the waist but at least they fit. I also got the toys I've been waiting for. Guess I'll give those a whirl later this week when Aunt Flow leaves.

I think that's about it for tonight. I'll try to post something else tomorrow. Good night!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby it's cold outside...

I checked the weather this morning like I have been doing for the past few days and it's 17 degrees but feels like 4! Brr! I wish I could stay inside warm under the covers but I have to venture out one last day to "make the doughnuts". I'm super sleepy this morning. Not sure if it's just from me being tired or the cold air making me yawn. Probably some of both! Oh yeah and to make matters worse, did I mention aunt flow was in town too? This is turning out to be a GREAT day already...

Wherever you are I hope you're staying warm...because I'll be at work trying to thaw out some!


Thursday, January 15, 2009


This week has been pretty hectic. I feel like today should have been Friday since I had to go into work twice yesterday. It kind of threw me off. Thankfully, tomorrow IS friday. I can't wait for the weekend. I need a stiff drink and a massage or a bubble bath or something.

In other news, my W2 was online for UAB when I just checked. I guess that means I can do my taxes soon. I don't know if I have to wait for W2's from some of the online jobs that I did this year. I also get to apply for some kind of rebate since I didn't get the stimulus last year, so my refund should be looking really nice!

I'm trying to wind down so I can go to bed. Chase has been fed, and bathed so I think he's actually fallen asleep (I can't tell because it's dark in here lol). It's tough getting him to sleep some nights.

Well, I guess I'm going to call it a night. I think I heard James' car pulling in from class, but if not he'll be home soon hopefully.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crazy days

I don't know what it is, but the patients have been acting crazy these last few days. One woman is acting sexually inappropriate (trying to grab people in private places and caress them) and one of the new admits keeps everybody on their toes because she keeps trying to wander off (this morning she walked in another patient's room and was trying to put on their slippers. I had to struggle with her to get them away from her). It's rediculous when you have to run from, fight with and defend yourself from patients all day. I was really tired by 6am this morning and I had only been there an hour.

Speaking of work, my boss wants me to come back in tomorrow after my 5am-10:30am shift from 4:30pm-7pm because they're having a meeting and they want someone to do rounds and watch the patients while they do. I really am not looking forward to it, but at least it would be a little extra money. Plus if it was a day I had something to do (like watch Chase) then I would have said no. I just didn't have a good enough excuse other than "I don't feel like it". I'm going to be really tired though. Plus parking will be horrible...

I stopped and got some gas on my way home. Only about $10 worth. It brought me up to half a tank. That will last me about a week. I keep meaning to fill up my tank when I get paid, but I end up spending money on other things. Oh well, maybe next week.

I still need to send back those scrub pants. I have them in the envelope, but I have some return paperwork to fill out before I send it and I haven't gotten around to it yet. I guess there's no time like the present. I'll go fill everything out and if I remember, I'll drop it off at the post office when I get off tomorrow (the first time) lol.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

15 random facts

I saw something like this on Facebook, so i decided to get my own. Basically you write 15 random facts about yourself. I'm going to try to make mine random and little known, so here goes!

1. My mom wanted a boy when she was pregnant with me.

2. My mom also wanted to name me "Faye" after a woman she used to work with (I guess she compromised because my middle name is LaFaye).

3. I've had several dreams about my grandmother since she passed away, and in most of them I'm at her funeral and she somehow comes alive again.

4. All of the dogs that I've had were black.

5. I used to want a pet snake (an albino Burmese python).

6. I can't swim (most people know that though).

7. I never learned to ride a bike.

8. I like to read erotica.

9. I never went to kindergarten.

10. I never had chickenpox.

11. I went to catholic school from 1st-12th grade and only had one nun as a teacher.

12. I missed a month of school or more in 2nd grade because I had pneumonia.

13. My tonsils were swollen really bad my freshman year in college and I had to go to the
emergency room twice.

14. I've only had 3 boyfriends.

15. I wear a size 11 wide in shoes.

So that's some random stuff about me. It was a little harder to come up with stuff than I though. Feel free to respond with your own list!

Mail order madness

I don't remember if i posted this before, but I finally got the scrubs my sister ordered me, but the pants were a little too tight in the thigh, so I'll have to send them back. In the meantime I'm going to have to get her to order me a bigger size so I can wear them, and when I send back the old ones then they will credit her card.

I also made the purchase that I talked about in the last post. I decided to order both of the toys I talked about. I made a little extra on MTurk and I paid a little bit out of pocket but it's nowhere near what it would have cost.

Anyway, my week was long and crazy. Just yesterday one of the patients threw coffee at a PCT (Patient Care Technician), tried to stab her with his plastic knife (from breakfast) and called everyone the N word. Another fun day at UAB Hospital.

On another note, I got my hair done thursday. I got curls again like last time, but I think he used smaller rollers because the curls were much tighter. I only kept the curls in thursday and friday and I brushed them out today and just wore a ponytail.

I want to get back into my Tarot cards. I made some notes for myself from the book that I got to teach me. I know the only way I'll learn is to work with them a lot. Hopefully I can get myself into the habit of working with them every day, or maybe every other day.

James has been working out with the P90X workout tapes. I honestly thought they wouldn't be that hard since most infomercial stuff you get doesn't work like it's supposed to, but it's really hard! James has been sore every day since he started it. He's doing a great job on it though. I know I'm way to lazy to even attempt it lol.

Well I guess that's enough rambling for now. I think I'll call my sister so I can order the new scrub pants while I'm thinking about it and Chase is laying down. Bye!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posting this week. Didn't have that good of a week at work. I was frustrated a lot by the fact that I was trying to help out as much as I could and was doing extra stuff because nobody seemed like they wanted to work. One woman in particular that works there...I really wish that she would just quit because she exudes this aura of "I hate this job" and really doesn't do a whole lot. If she hates it that much, I don't understand why she stays. I think a lot of the people who work there with bad attitudes are a little resentful of the RN's because they make more money than they do. That's a given, but the RN's went to school longer and have degrees.

I don't think most of them have a degree in anything. Even though I don't need the Psychology B.S. that I have to do the job I'm doing, I'm still glad to have it since this job is somewhat in the field of what I want to do. I think they just got stuck doing what they're doing and don't want to leave because they've been there so long. I really hate it when they let the fact that it's almost time for them to get off or them not wanting to be there affect the patients. Some of them would rather let a patient wander around in the day room all day instead of taking 5 minutes to get them to sit down somewhere.

Also, to add to my frustration this week, I finally got the scrubs that I ordered yesterday, and wouldn't you know it, even in a 3X the pants were a bit too tight in the thigh. I'll have to send them back and order a bigger size. I might just go with the 5X and hope they're not too big, based on how the other ones fit. According to the size chart, the 3X should have fit fine or even a little baggy, but I guess Dickies runs small in the thigh, whereas I run big there lol.

Oh well. Enough of that.

My boys James, and Chase are asleep. Very cute. James is on the couch and Chase is in the bed next to me, so it's a bit of a role reversal lol.

I've been poking around online for a while. I've decided to take the money that I'm earning from my online gigs to buy myself a treat. It's a bit naughty and a little expensive but you have to pay for quality. (If you don't want to hear about anything that's not PG, I suggest you skip the end of this post).

Anyway, I learned about a Swedish company called Lelo that makes "pleasure objects". I decided to buy myself one called an "Elise" to replace a smaller, cheaply made toy that I got years ago from a mail order catalog. lol I was such a naughty girl wasn't I?

I don't feel so bad about the price of it, since I'm using money I earned online so it's almost like I got it for free. While reading reviews I ran across another toy they make called "Lily". Depending on how much I like the "Elise", I might get that one too to play around with. Oh yeah, did I mention that they were both rechargeable? No more running around the house in search of batteries! lol

Well I guess that's it. More when I get to it!