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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Well, it's finally the weekend and it's almost over. After tomorrow, I have to go back to the old grind. Not really looking forward to it. This job isn't really hard per-say, but it's challenging to keep an upbeat attitude and positive demeanor when you're getting cussed at by a patient for not taking them to the bathroom or giving them a shower when they want it (both of which I'm not supposed to do because they're high fall risks). Some days are better than others though. I just don't want to end up acting nasty to everybody like some of the people who work there. Sure it can be annoying dealing with some of the things the patients want sometimes, but they're still human beings and deserve to be treated with respect like everybody else.

I got paid on Christmas. I put some away to help with the rent for January and to pay my storage fees. I still need to make a credit card payment, but it's not due until the 2nd so I have a bit more time. I'll pay for it out of the money my dad gives me for the month probably.

I need to get my hair done badly. I guess I'll have to do that soon too. This job has been throwing my whole day off. After I get off I don't want to do anything. Just sit and stay off of my feet as much as possible. Also, I get tired a lot earlier and when I think it's about 6 or 7 PM sometimes it's only 4. James was off of work Christmas and the day after but I had to work both days. Now I'm off the weekend and he had to work tonight. I guess that's going to be happening a lot, so I try to spend as much time I can with him but it's hard when I fall asleep at 7pm sometimes and he doesn't get off of work until after 9. At least he gets a break from class for a while.

My mom said that she's mailing my Christmas gifts. I know I got a coat and a pair of scrubs. I went ahead and ordered the other scrubs with my sister's credit card so those should be here any day now. I guess when they all get here I'll be set as far as those go for a while. I might get a few more red tops so I can mix and match. I'm definitely going to buy some new shoes soon since I have to be on my feet so much.

Everyone seemed to like the Oreo Truffles. James' mom called and said she really liked them. Maybe I'll have some paying customers every now and then lol. Speaking of James' parents, his Dad and step mom got me a gift card to Best Buy and a bath set with shower gel and lotions and stuff. I haven't decided what I'm going to get from Best Buy yet. Maybe a external hard drive so I can back up all of my stuff.

Well, I rented some movies so I'm going to relax and watch the one that James doesn't want to see before he gets home lol. Oh yeah, that reminds me. James saw a listing for a guy who lives about 2 hours from here on craigslist that was saying he needed diapers for his son, so James decided to contact him so he could buy some for him. Apparently he lives in Roanoke (not sure if that's spelled right) Alabama so it would probably be best to mail them. I thought that was really nice of him. Just another reason why I love him so much and think he's the greatest guy in the world. I know I'm bragging but my boyfriend is awesome lol.

Ok, enough of the mushy stuff. Byeee!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bah Humbug!

Well it looks like I won't be going home for Christmas this year. I have to work. That really sucks. I wish I had known before I spent $20 getting all of the stuff for two batches of Oreo Truffles (Regular and Mint). Since I already had the stuff, I made them yesterday (long tedious process) and put them into the tins I bought. I called my sister's friend to see if she was going to Mobile so I could send the candy through her (and have her pick up my x-mas gifts lol) but she has to work too (she also works for a hospital).

I went today and mailed them off. I used old newspapers for cushions lol. Cost me $13 bucks though. It might get there tomorrow but I think it might not get there until the day after Christmas.

Speaking of the day after Christmas, James's other gift (his official Christmas present) should be here around then. I was hoping it would get here before that, but I doubt it.

I had (lots of) extra candy so I got 2 more smaller tins and packed them for James's Mom, Sister and Dad. The less of them I have in the house, the less I will stuff my face with lol.

I had to go to UAB Employee health yesterday and get the first of 3 hepatitis B shots. They also drew blood to see if I need the chickenpox vacciene. Oddly enough, I never got it when I was younger and I'm not vaccinated for it. I guess this means I won't get it if I get the vaccine. Yay! I was scared to get it older, because I heard it's much worse.

This will be my first Christmas away from home. I'm a little sad about it. Not that I really like going home all that much, but I guess this means I'm more of an adult. First birthdays away from home and now holidays.

Well I guess that's it. I really need to take a shower and then head to bed. I'm so tired! I bet I won't even be able to fall asleep if I try though. Oh well. Byeee!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


My blog finally got approved for PayPerPost, so expect to see some blog posts related to advertising. I thought I could get started right away, but all of the available posts have been taken for the moment.

I got some more stuff to make Oreo truffles again. I looked at dollar tree for some small gift boxes to give this Christmas as gifts, but I couldn't find the size I wanted. I might try Hobby Lobby or something like that. I also plan on making some mint oreo truffles this time too. I'll be making 2 batches. Hopefully some will make it to Mobile lol.

Well I guess that's it for now. More when I get to it!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


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Christmas is next week! The bad thing is that I have to work the day after Christmas, so I'll have to go home Wed. when I get off of work and then come back on Christmas day. Probably the afternoon. Money is still a little tight, so I'm going to make some more oreo truffles for everyone and put them in gift boxes. That way I know everybody will get to try some lol.

Work has been going ok, but some of the people there have a really bad attitude. I understand it can be stressful, but geez act like you give a crap about your job. Plus some of the people talk about the patients in their faces. I know most of them are a bit out of it, but still that's disrespectful. Well Hopefully it will get better soon. That's it for now! More when I get to it.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Day

Well today was my first day at work. It went pretty well. I had to park way far away in tim-buck-tu and walk, but one of the nurses said that I could probably park in the parking deck of the hospital next door and it's only a dollar or so to get out (I hope she's right!) and it's a lot closer to where I work.


So I had to do rounds today, every 10 minutes. Pretty easy actually. I think I learned all of the patients faces and put them with names pretty well for my first day. Now when they started moving around into different seats in the day room...that messed me up a little sometimes lol. I was even able to catch a few short sit down breaks after doing rounds. I can get them done in about 5 min. if I'm on a roll! lol

James and I went to Walmart and bought some groceries today. More quick stuff and some stuff to take with me as snacks. I took a sandwich and an apple today. Pretty tasty. I think I'll do that and maybe change it up a bit once in a while and bring a yogurt or something. One of the nurses had some cherios and some milk. I think she got the milk from one of the meal trays that someone didn't want lol.

I was surfing around the internet and found a funny little cartoon. I'll post it and then I'm going to take a shower, grab a bite to eat and maybe take a little nap. Byee!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, today was the last day of training. I got out about 11 today. Yesterday we had to go on a scavenger hunt and find about 50 different places in the hospital. It took about 3 hours total. My feet and legs were killing me when I got done and I think I passed out around 9 or so. James kept waking me up because he wanted to talk to me and he wasn't sleepy lol.

I officially start work tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to getting up so early. I even tried to change my parking so that I could park in the deck attached to the Hospital, but apparently I can't unless I work night shift. I guess having to be at the hospital at 5am doesn't count.

I found another pair of pants to match the other scrub top I had. I don't like it though. Apparently my mom bought me another one (either pants or another set) and it sounds like it's the same ones that I have but don't like that much. I still haven't gotten the ones my sister ordered for me...if she ordered it already. I guess I should have just gotten her card number and done it myself.

In other news, I finally got off of the waitlist for Quicktate. I did a little bit today while I was sitting around when I got home. Basically you transcribe voicemail messages. I did a little bit on MTurk too. I wish some of the hits I already did would go ahead and approve so I can go ahead and turn the money into a gift card and order what I wanted from

James ended up getting his Anniversary gift early (Need for Speed: Undercover). The game looks pretty cool and he seems to enjoy it.

That's about it. I just wanted to make a quick post to update everyone. More when I get to it!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 days down, 5 to go!

I thought that I only had to go to training for my new job at UAB hospital for 2 or 3 days...but apparently I have another week to go. 8am-5pm sitting listening to different people talk and filling out a million forms is BORING! I don't even think I'll be using half of the training that I'm getting, since I'm not REALLY going to be a Unit Secretary, and I'll be doing rounds. Oh well. I've had a rough few days. I don't feel like going into detail about everything so here's a shorter version:

Day 1 of training:

  • Dressed in business casual, even though most people wore jeans or more casual stuff
  • Didn't have my ID badge ready on time(got it on day 2)
  • Had to wait in line for a long time to get out of the parking deck
  • Drove all the way to Big Lots looking for red scrubs...didn't find any
  • Drove to Walmart for scrubs which took forever because there was traffic
  • Stopped by K-Mart to pick up a scrub top that matched some pants I had
  • Got home around 7pm

Day 2 of training:

  • Planned on wearing scrubs, and found out the shirt for one pair was too small, and the pants for another set were too small
  • Went to Walmart at 7am and exchanged scrub tops and changed into the new one in the bathroom
  • Feet were hurting from different shoes (sneakers I haven't worn in a while)
  • Got my parking assignment for Remote I which has a shuttle to take you to the buildings, but the shuttle doesn't start until 5:35am (I'm supposed to be clocked in at work 7min before my shift or up until 5 min. after the start time or I'm late)
  • Went to parking services with a girl in my group during break and got a new deck assignment (still not where I wanted, but closer to my building)
  • Had to walk 6 blocks to another training session and back at 4pm to get to my car

Training day 3:

  • Wore jeans to be more comfortable, but the sweater I put on was itchy all day
  • Feet still hurt from shoes
  • Had to stop at the gas station in the morning before going to training
  • Made it to the correct parking deck, and tried to wait on a classmate so we could walk together but it was too close to 8am so I started walking by myself
  • Walked 3 blocks in the rain to the building and made it at about 8:03 (not technically late)
  • Got out early (3pm)

I have to go back to the same building tomorrow, but after lunch I leave the main group and go to Unit Secretary training (only myself and one other woman will be going) until next Tuesday and I officially start on my floor next Wednesday. I also have to drop off my time sheet to my new boss by Saturday (which means I have to take it when I leave training Friday, or come back on campus on Saturday).

In other news, I was checking my e-mail yesterday and Alabama A&M University's graduate school said they're offering me regular admission so I got in to graduate school FINALLY! I'm still going to apply to my other schools in a few months, but if none of the rest take me, I know I'll be able to start there in the Fall!

That's it for now. I'll post more when I get the chance.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


You may have noticed my new widget on my sidebar. If you like my posts, why not buy me a cup of coffee? If you click the coffee cup then you can donate to my coffee fund. One cup costs about $3.50 or so with tax, but you can donate whatever you want. Every little bit helps!

If you haven't had the Java Chip from Starbucks, you should try it! It's my favorite drink. It is iced though, so make sure you have somewhere warm to snuggle up if you get one this winter! I might get the Mocha Peppermint Twist instead. It's hot and it sounds delicious!

Chase is taking a nap right now, so I can surf the Internet a bit. I'm going to try to add a widget to my other blog as well. On there you can buy me a candy bar or if you're really felling generous, contribute to my next tattoo fund! That's it for now.


Friday, December 5, 2008

MTurking it

I've been working my butt off on MTurk yesterday and today. I found a group of really easy hits today so I did as many of them as I could before they were all gone. I guess other people figured out they were easy and jumped on them too. $0.10 each just to copy and paste stuff. I have about $8.50 pending just from doing those. I did a few $1.00 hits yesterday where you had to make up 20 trivia questions and answers. Harder than it sounds lol. I just did a bunch about movies that I like that were easy to make questions up for. I'm trying to earn some money so that I can use it to get a X-mas gift for James. I can't say what it is yet, because he reads this sometimes and I want it to be a surprise lol.

In other news it looks like we won't be moving after all. James extended his lease for 9 more months at the apartment where we are now. It's cheaper and easier to stay here. Rent did go up $30 a month though. Oh well.

Oh yeah, I finally had a blood pressure low enough to clear my physical, so I'll start training on Monday. I e-mailed my new boss to see if I needed a specific color of scrubs, and apparently she wants me to wear red ones. I'll have to go get some this weekend. Maybe Sunday after James and I drop off Chase and get out of church. I went to church in Mobile last Sunday (I think I said this before) and my Mom came with me. I missed going to church up here though. It's called Point of Grace Ministries.

Well I guess that's it for now. I'm going to play with Chase for a while.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Poor thing

While I was home, my niece's adopted stray cat Snow Angel (they found him around this time last year wandering around in our yard and started feeding and playing with it) apparently got into a fight. He had a wound on his chest which Brandie freaked out about. The day before they saw some fur and blood on the porch and hadn't seen him all day so Brandie though he had died. My dad let the cat come inside for a little while. Brandie put a towel down and gave him some water and food.

I spent some of the time while I was there sneaking the cat in after we let it out. He was pretty good. He mostly stayed behind the entertainment center or under my bed. He did jump up on the table one day while I was fixing a plate so that was a no no. Also he jumped on the couch, and it was pretty hard to get him down without alerting my dad (he didn't really want the cat inside). He woke me up one day at 4am by meowing and then jumping on my bed. Scared the crap out of me lol.

Anyway, here's a pic of him.

I went back to the doctor to get my blood pressure taken yesterday, but it was still a little bit too high. I'm going to relax today, drink plenty of water, and try again in the morning.

That's it for now. More later!

P.S. Check out my other blog for my post about making the Oreo Truffles and a picture of them!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm Back

I'm back in Birmingham! I got here about 1:30. I would have been able to post while I was in Mobile, but the router wasn't there like I thought it would be. The oreo truffles that I made went over really well. I'm going to try to get my blood pressure taken again tomorrow so that my physical can be cleared. Hopefully everything will work out!

More when I get around to it.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Rainy day

It's raining and cold outside. I'm kind of glad that I didn't have to go to training today so I didn't have to go out in it. I'm going home tomorrow. I'll probably leave early when James gets ready to go to work. I'll be gone until Monday probably, but of course I'll have my computer with me! I am probably going to end up pigging out on food while I'm home. I'm sure they will find a bunch of stuff for me to do (like picking up the kids from school).

I'm planning on making some Oreo Balls in addition to my Semi-Famous Fudge. If the oreo balls go over well, then I may make them for christmas too. I hope they're not too hard. I have the misfortune of having a great recipe idea, and then when I try to make it, it's a lot harder and more work than I expected. That's why I'm trying these out early, so I can see what I should do next time to make it a little easier.

I went to work with James last night. I would not be any good to anybody at that job lol. I had no clue what was going on. I'm watching food network and it's making me hungry. I'd better go make myself something to eat.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lazy day

I haven't done much of anything today. When I finally got up, it was only because I needed to use the bathroom, and then of course I couldn't get back to sleep. I was kind of cold so I did the "turn the oven up high and leave the door cracked" trick to try to warm up the apartment a bit. I could have just turned on the heater, but it has that funny burning smell to it since it hasn't been used in a while, and plus I would have to move all of the electronics that we have in front of it (the router and cable modem, plus the shelves with DVDs in them) from in front of it so they wouldn't get messed up. The other way was easier and I'm lazy.

Chase is at grandma's house today and James is at work until late tonight. He'll be picking up Chase on his way home. I'm sure when they get here they'll both be ready for bed. I still haven't eaten any breakfast yet, but I will in a minute when I get done with this post. I've been posting away on my other blog trying to get the minimum number of posts so I can sign up for PayPerPost. I wanted to do it for this blog too, but it isn't old enough yet. I can sign this one up next month. Just another thing in my money making scheme lol.

I did find some pretty weird stuff while surfing the web for my other blog. Did you know they have recipes for chocolate covered bacon? Eww right? Well, if you're interested just click the link and you can see the post I did about it and other weird chocolate stuff that I found.

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is so close. I'll probably be going home Tuesday and maybe staying until that next Monday. It will give James some alone time and also some time with Chase when he gets him next weekend. Class and work have really been kicking his butt lately and I hope he gets some much needed rest since his next quarter of classes start on Dec. 1st. I also hope he gets the grades he wanted for the classes he took this quarter. He took his last final this morning and he said it was the hardest one.

Well, I guess that's about it. I'm off to eat something and maybe watch some L word. Bye!

Friday, November 21, 2008


I changed the layout a little bit as you can see. I hope you like it! I just added a second side bar since the first one was getting a bit too cluttered. It's not as easy as it sounds lol. I tried for a while yesterday using a tutorial I found, but I couldn't get it to work like I wanted to (that explains why the website looked a little crazy if you came yesterday while I was messing around with it. I've gotten it pretty spaced out the way that I want it now. I'm not that good at HTML, but once I figure out what to change to get the page to do what I want (move to the left, right, up or down) then I just tinker around with it until I get it. Now I'm off to get dressed for the day (yeah I know, I'm super late!) after I change Chase's poopy diaper.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chocolate and Tattoos (and free cash!)

Click the link in my header to view my other blog about Chocolate and Tattoos. I've had it for a while but I quit writing in it and I'm trying to revive it. It's not as good as this one (yet) so bare with me!

I'm off to find something to eat for breakfast. Byeee!

P.S. There's a $50 giftcard giveaway at World of Mom! All you have to do is post an article about the give away, put your URL in the box (click the link above to get to it) and then leave a comment on her blog so she knows you're a real person! Easy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ugh! Part 2

Well, I meant to write more on monday, and say that after I got off of the phone with the lady who supposedly put a $12 credit on my Pizza Hut account, I got a knock on the door. From who you ask? Pizza hut, trying to deliver me the same pizzas I ordered Saturday...AGAIN. That made me pretty mad and I wasn't about to pay for them so I got on the phone trying to get the whole thing straightened out (I really wanted my money back at this point) and ended up getting the run around and calling 10 different no avail. Oh well. I won't order Pizza Hut again. As I said, Papa John's is better anyway.

I had to go back for the results of my TB test for my physical today and have my blood pressure taken again. It was STILL too high, so the nurse gave me a number of someone I could call for medication for it (since I don't have insurance) and I would have to take it for a few days and let them take my blood pressure AGAIN, so that my physical can be cleared. I was supposed to start training on Monday, but since my physical isn't going to be cleared, I don't know if I can. I e-mailed my recruiter and asked what I should do.

Long story short, I probably won't be getting that job because the next training isn't until December, and my boss wanted me to start ASAP.

At least I didn't buy scrubs already. Oh well. I'm going to go eat something. I still haven't had breakfast.


Monday, November 17, 2008


Well today has been...something. I had to take my physical for that job today, so I had to get a packet at 7am and get my ID badge photo taken and then go for the physical. They gave me a TB test (I've had one before and apparently you need two), and took some blood first. I forgot my immunization records, so I'll take them when I go back Wednesday to have the TB results read. I may need a hepatitis B shot. Yippie! After that I had to have my blood pressure taken (they tried a few times but the machine wouldn't do it) and then take a drug test, and then an eye exam. After that I had to put on one of those paper gowns and have the nurse listen to me breathe and do some weird tests (like touching my toes and squatting and doing stuff with my arms) and she tested my reflexes with one of those mallet things and then she tried to take my blood pressure again. They had me wait a little longer and then someone else took it one last time and apparently it was a little too high, so I have to have it checked again when I go back on Wednesday. If it's too high then, I guess I won't get the job.

THEN after I got home, I looked at my bank account and realized that Pizza Hut overcharged me for the pizza that I ordered. I called and after a few minutes of explaining what happened several times, I was given a credit on my account. I swear, after I use that credit I won't be ordering from Pizza Hut again. I like Papa Johns better anyway.

I'm in need of some cash since I had to use most of my last paycheck from you know who to pay off my ring so that I won't get hit with a finance charge of $100. I tried getting on ChaCha, but after being on there for a few minutes, nothing was coming through so I quit that. I probably won't be able to afford to go home for thanksgiving unless something changes...and even if it does I might not feel like going.

So that's that. I just want to crawl under the covers and do nothing. It's cold.

On the bright side, the pasta dish that I made yesterday with ground beef, rotini pasta, tomato sauce and cheese turned out pretty well.

I'm going to watch the L word or a movie or something. Bye!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So, I got a call today and the place that I interviewed for wants me to start ASAP so, I have to take a physical on monday (first I have to pick up a packet at 7am and then go to the physical at 8am...yay), and then I will start training on the 24th. Hospital training lasts a day and a half and then later that day on the 25th I have to report for the actual unit secretary training.

I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing, but I think it will be an interesting experience and I think that once I get the hang of it that I'll be fine. I just hope my boss (the one I had the interview with yesterday) doesn't find TOO much extra stuff for me to do. Plus it will look really good on my resume.

I guess I won't be going to Mobile for a week like I planned for thanksgiving. I get thanksgiving day and the day after off, so I guess I'll drive to mobile when I get off on Wednesday, and then come back to Birmingham that Friday (or Saturday).

At least I get to wear scrubs and tennis shoes to work! I just have to go buy

On another note, I beat Guitar Hero on easy yesterday. I got some extra songs and I'm going through those. I think I need to practice some more before I'm ready to move up to medium.

I also e-mailed all of my recommendation letter writers (except the one that already sent me the letters) to make sure they were on the ball. Haven't heard from 2 of them yet, but one told me he's out of town and will try to finish them by the end of next week. I also sent the GRE scores to the 2 schools I've applied to so far, and also sent transcripts and ordered a copy of the one from UAB and USA for myself (I have to send a photocopy to some schools along with the transcript). Came to a whopping $44.50 before I ordered the 2 copies for myself (one school wanted 2 copies from each school I've attended...ugh!) and those two added about another $14.50 to the total.

I should be getting paid from you know who this friday. Only about $330, most of which will go to pay off my ring that I bought myself for graduation last year before I have to start paying interest on it (I wish I paid a little more each time now lol) and the remainder will probably go towards some scrubs for work.

Well that's about it. I think I'm going to watch a few episodes of the L word and then wash dishes. I'm starting season 4 now. I'll be really disappointed when I get to season 5 because I'll have to wait until the last season comes on DVD so I can watch them.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I had an interview today at the Center for Psychiatric Care in UAB hospital. I was supposed to have it at 12, but the woman I interviewed with called and asked if I could come earlier, so I ended up getting there a little after 10am. She was a bit distracted it seemed. Basically all I would be doing is walking up and down the hall checking on patients (geriatric) every 10 minutes to try to prevent them from falling. (I guess if the nurses know where the patients are all the time, they can come help them get out of bed when they wake up). She said she might want me to take the minutes at their monthly meetings too. Oh yeah, did I mention the hours are 5:30am-10am? I'm so not an early bird.

I'm wondering if I should take it or not. I guess it would give me pretty good experience and look good on my resume, even if it's just until I hear back from grad school. I don't really want to be on my feet that long (sometimes I start feeling dizzy when I'm on my feet too much). The money might help though.

I stopped on "King of the Hill" on TV and Bobby has gotten into using Tarot cards. I've been wanting to use mine some more. I really want to find a good book on tarot so I can learn it. I'm not sure if I believe in that kind of thing, but I like to get into weird things lol.

Well I guess that's about it for now. I'm off to play some Guitar Hero 3!

P.S. James bought me some flowers yesterday! Very pretty! He always picks really nice ones.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'm such a girl. I love all of those stupid sappy wedding shows like "Who's wedding is it anyway?" which I'm watching now. Oh well. I don't know why I like watching them. It's not like I'm in ANY rush to strut down the aisle (despite some slight pressure from my mom...but she just wants me to get married so she can have a pretty "mother of the bride" dress, and then have a baby so she can have a new grandchild to play with lol).

James and I went to vote earlier today. I thought I was going to have the paint scraped off of both sides of my car because it was so hard to get down the street where the school was with all of the traffic. I flipped through the channels a few minutes ago and saw that Obama won. I'm sure half the nation is excited and the other half is disappointed. I'm indifferent. I just want gas prices to go down lol.

I'm going to get my hair done tomorrow. I really need it badly. I wanted to go last week, but I got sick and I didn't think it was a good idea for me to be sitting around with wet hair under the dryer for a few hours while I was still kind of sick.

I looked at some more apartments on craigslist. I didn't see too much that I wanted to look at. I'll probably look at the listings again before I go to bed tonight. Speaking of bed, I think I'll go get in my pajamas.


Friday, October 31, 2008


Well it seems I wasn't the only one let go by OrganizedWisdom. A lot of people on the WorkPlaceLikeHome forum got canned too. A lot of them had more experience with OW than I did too. It really sucks that they didn't give us any warning at all. Oh well, at least I'll get paid for what I've completed. I'm going back to ChaCha full time. I also got an e-mail about a job i applied for a while ago (work at home) so maybe that will be better.

While I enjoyed working at OW while it lasted, I will no longer be supporting them and this will probably be my last post mentioning them (other than talking about being paid maybe).

Say bye bye to the banner!

P.S. If you want to hear more about what happened, then check out this blog of another former OWer that got the axe as well.

P.P.S. I got an award and I didn't even know it! I feel so special!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bad News..

I'm not working for OW anymore. I enjoyed it while it lasted, but I think it will be better for me in the long run.

In happier news, I'm feeling much better. I still have a bit of a stuffy nose but it's a lot better than it was a few days ago. Tomorrow is halloween, but I don't think that we'll get many trick-or-treaters.

I've decided to try for a studio in the apartments that James and I looked at last weekend. I think it should be big enough for me to have my bed and couches in there. I just hope I'll be able to afford it. We'll see what happens. I guess that's about it.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Sick you can read in the title, I'm sick. I've been sick since yesterday and I haven't been able to do too much. I'm trying to sit up more today since I didn't do anything at all yesterday. We dropped of Chase but we didn't go to church. I wasn't feeling well enough to go anyway. We rented some movies and watched them and I bought some DVD+R dvd's which actually work. I've been burning the L word on the dvd's I bought. They actually worked in the DVD player too. I can't watch any episodes while they're burning, but I can surf the internet and do some WisdomCards. I couldn't do any yesterday between being sick and the internet and cable being out for most of the day. It was out for everyone in this complex so I guess they were working on it or something.

James and I looked at some apartments in Hoover on Saturday. The 2 bedroom they showed us looks really nice and I think I'd like a 1 bedroom there. Power is included in the price and it comes with a washer/dryer. We're still looking around though. I guess that's it. I'm going to try to get another card done. Bye!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I only did about 10 Wisdomcards today. I got a late start because I took a shower this morning and headed to the bank and dollar tree to pick up a few things. When I got back I got something to eat and then cut up the onions and bell peppers I bought at Walmart the other day. I like to chop mine up and save it in the freezer, so that way when I want to cook with it, I can just throw it in the pan. I made this dish the other day with chopped bell peppers and onions and I chopped some sausage that I had and then scrambled some eggs on top of it. James really liked it so I chopped up some bell peppers, onions, and sausages in advance and put it in the freezer so that I can make it again quickly. It's pretty good too!

I did about 20 WisdomCards yesterday. I would have done more today but I went with James to pick up Chase and I played with him a lot. I think I'm going to go change into my PJ's and get ready for bed.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Little...

I got a little work done today. I'm not sure how many Wisdomcards I did, but I know I have some more left on my dash to do. I'm nowhere near my goal for this month, so I really need to get on the ball while I still have the time to not panic about it. I hated trying to do so many last month at the last minute. Honestly I spent a lot of time surfing the web today and trying to get my DVD-R's to burn on my computer. I think I'll just give up on that. Maybe I should have gotten the DVD+R cds instead. Either way, I have a bunch of CD "coasters" that I can't do much with.

I guess I'll go to the store tomorrow and get some more sodas and things like that. I made some chicken alfredo with brocolli using cream of mushroom soup for dinner. It was pretty good, but it wasn't great. It was more of an experiment anyway.

I guess that's it. I might watch another episode of "The L Word" or watch the "Smoking Aces" DVD that James put in. I feel tired though and it's later than I though. Maybe it's a good time for bed.


P.S. Erin called me today and she was telling me about a company where you can rent a full sized washer and dryer for only $31 a month. I think that's pretty cool and I might do it in my next apartment. If water is included, that would be great!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tomorrow and tomorrow...

I've been putting off doing WisdomCards a lot in the past few days. It's so easy to get distracted when you have a flexible work at home job. I did a few today and I plan to do more after writing this. James is at work until late so I've had/have plenty of time to work on them. It's just a bit hard to get motivated to start. Once I do though, it's a bit addictive and I can do each WisdomCard pretty quickly. I hope I'll be able to concentrate though, because there's a lot of noise going on in the hall. It's as if someone decided that their apartment was located there and decided to have a party. Lots of talking and some kids laughing/talking.

Speaking of apartments, James and I looked at some really nice ones in Trussville over the weekend. I really hope I'll be able to afford an apartment without putting myself into debt. Gotta love that credit card though lol. It really has come in handy a lot since I've gotten it.

Church was great last Sunday. James and I both went down to the front to get prayed for. The guy who was doing it was speaking in tongues as he blessed each person with oil. Pretty weird for a catholic girl but I think it was still good. I hate getting there late because it feels like everyone is giving you "the look" but most people probably don't even notice and I think some of the ushers are used to us coming late lol. We drop off Chase to his mom before we go, so I think getting some church is better than none. Maybe we'll go to an earlier service one day.

I think that's about it. I'd better get back to work!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Me in a nutshell...

Well I'm still not sleepy so here goes a long ramble about things that I've learned about myself and basically everything you never wanted to know about me:

I love to laugh. I try to lighten some situations with a joke. I don't show outward emotion a whole lot, but I'm very emotional. I'm sensitive. People who I'm closest to are the ones who can hurt me the most with a simple comment. I cry myself to sleep sometimes. Sometimes I cry because my thoughts about things I've said or done snowball sometimes. I love almonds. I'm a chocoholic. I don't like the way my body looks, but I'm too scared to do anything about it. I hate to fail. I hate rejection. I take rejection from people I love very personally. I'm insecure about a lot of things. I don't like to be in crowds, or parties where I don't know anyone by myself. I'm a homebody. I've only had 3 boyfriends including my current one in my whole life. I've only kissed 3 people. If I don't have kids one day, I don't think I would be too upset about it. I don't hate children and it hurts me when my friends think that I do. I don't know how to flirt. I've never dated anyone that didn't eventually become my boyfriend. I'm a non-practicing Catholic. I'm not as religious as I want to be. I hate cheese on anything that's served cold. I love broccoli. I don't like spinach or brussel sprouts. I like to cook. I hate washing dishes. I hate having dishes piled up in the sink. I absolutely hate cleaning the bathroom. I love dogs. I love all kinds of movies. I act like a big kid sometimes. When the person I'm in a relationship with gets mad at me, I sometimes shut down to avoid a fight. Not many people have seen me truly angry. I try not to let things bother me. I hate my thighs. I have big feet. I'm a romantic at heart. My favorite color is purple. I love Wendy's, Chili's, Purple Onion, and Carrabbas. I only sing when no one is around to hear me. No one has really heard me sing. I don't sing in church. I don't want to move back to Mobile. I don't really want to move to Texas. If I don't get into graduate school this time, I don't know what I'll do. Sometimes I can't imagine myself as psychologist, even though it's what I want to do. I can't draw. I like to color sometimes. I haven't slept straight through the night in a long time. I can't fall asleep right away most of the time, even if I'm tired. I used to be a night owl. I try to hard to please the person I'm with sometimes. I'm not good at math. I love to read. I like vampires. I want to get married one day, but I don't think I'm ready yet. I think there's someone out there for every one. I don't know if I believe in soul mates, but I want to. I'm shy until you get to know me. I don't have many close friends. Talking on the phone too long gives me a headache sometimes. I get headaches often. I love to cuddle. I'm old fashioned and I would like whoever wants to propose to me to ask my dad for my hand. If my dad is unable to walk me down the aisle when I get married, I'll walk by myself. I'm afraid that I may have inherited the mental disorder that my mom had while I was younger. I'm afraid of having a marriage like my parents. I would leave any man who hit me. I don't know how to dance. I laugh too loud sometimes. I think my voice is too deep and sounds horrible on tape. I pick up words and phrases from the people I hang around most. I don't want to follow in anyone's footsteps. I'm not sure if my sister will ever get married. I'm not sure if my brother will stay married. I don't think I could stay with someone who's cheated on me. I don't think I would cheat on anybody. I want the man I marry to know me better than I know myself. I can usually tell when something is wrong with someone by their voice. I hate to see men cry. I'm crazy. I'm annoying. I hate the smell of cigarettes but I tried smoking black and mild's before.

I think that's quite enough for now. Congrats if you made it this far and read the whole thing! I may add to it later. I'm going to bed for real this time.

Nighty Night!


It's pretty late but I'm still awake. I watched another episode of "The L Word". It's been so long since I've seen them that it's almost like seeing them all again for the first time. I've been watching them off and on today while taking breaks from doing WisdomCards. I tried to figure out how to put a link or something so people could see my dash and see what I'm working on, and what's been approved but I couldn't figure it out, so you'll just have to take my word for it lol.

James starts work at Marvin's tomorrow morning. It's a computer tech help desk position but it's way out in Leeds which is like 45 min. from here. I hope he enjoys the work. They offered him a position at RadioShack too but they haven't gotten back to him about when he could start. He wanted the one at Marvin's more anyway.

I was looking at the about me section of someone's Facebook page, and I've realized that I've learned a lot about myself in the past few years. I've done things I'd never thought I'd do, and probably didn't do some things I thought I would. I think I've grown a lot but I still have a ways to go.

I was going to write more, but Brandon's online on Facebook so I'm going to chat with him and then get to bed.


Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, I downloaded the whole season of a show called Red Vs. Blue for James yesterday, and it literally took about 6 or 7 hours. Now I'm going through the process of converting the movie files to another format so I can burn them on a DVD for him. Talk about a labor of love! I've tried not to use my computer that much while it was downloading so that it wouldn't slow it down even more.

I did a few WisdomCards yesterday and today. I should be getting paid tomorrow or wednesday. That will help out a lot! I don't have too much to talk about so I guess I'll make this a short post. Just wanted to let anyone interested know that I'm still alive and kicking lol.


P.S. Now I'm downloading "The L Word" which is like "Sex and the City" sort of, but they're all (mostly) lesbians. It's sooooo good! There's some sexual content of course, so it's not for the kiddies, but if you can handle "Sex and the City" you should check out "The L Word"!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I finished my page for and they said it would be published soon. That means I get a share of their company and whenever a page is up for sale, I get to vote to accept the offer or not, and also I get a part of the profit! It's not a very consist ant thing, but just think, I can keep getting paid in the future for the one page I did today. Plus if I do more pages, I get more shares, which means more moolah!

I worked on some WisdomCards yesterday while I had the time. I didn't do as many as I wanted, because I decided to let windows install an update...which took FOREVER! At least 30 min. I know. Probably more than that. I claimed a bunch of cards though, so I should have a steady stream of work for a few days.

On another note, when I got on the computer this morning, I saw that my ex-boyfriend Troy had sent me a message on Facebook. He was apologizing for things going downhill between us (we broke up almost 2 years ago so it's a bit late lol. Oh well) since he said he was thinking about it. We hardly talk, and when we do it's only when he calls me (I've deleted his number) and he said he would like to hear from me once in a while. I wrote him a message back, and I guess I should have said something like "Oh yeah, sounds great! Let's catch up sometime!" but no...that's not like me. Instead I told him all of the reasons why I've chosen not to talk to him (there were a lot). I'm sure his eyes are going to pop out of his head when he sees the message, but hey at least I was being truthful and he'll know why.

Other than that, I haven't done much today. I think I'll go take a shower and get dressed for the day. I don't know if James is coming by here to pick me up when he gets out of class or going straight to his mom's house to pick up Chase. Either way, it doesn't hurt to be ready lol.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Get to Work!

Chase is at his grandma's and James has an interview and the he has class until around 9 tonight so I'm home all by my lonesome. I really need to use the time to work on some WisdomCards! I claimed about 11 yesterday so I think I'll get started on those first. I've only done two measily cards this month so far. I do not want to try to rush again at the end of the month to get more done either. I almost got carpal tunnel syndrome the last time lol.

Actually now that I look at it, I thought I claimed more WisdomCards but I don't think some of them went through. I'm going to have to claim them again. The reason I remembered is that I was going to link to a card I'm going to do called "How to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome" since I mentioned it above, and when I looked at my dash it wasn't there. No worries. It will be claimed and hopefully worked on soon.

I saw an opening for an adoption counselor at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society which I just LOVE! I love going to look at all of the cute animals and I wish I could adopt some. I really want another dog and maybe after I get my next apartment I'll get another one. The last one I had was a black German Shepherd named Panther. I don't have any pics of him on this computer though. My dad gave him to a local police dog training thing when I came to college. My mom didn't want him in the house anymore since I wasn't there to take care of him.

Anyway, I sent them my resume and hopefully they will contact me for an interview. I filled out some stuff to volunteer there about a week ago, but I won't be able to go to orientation until the 8th on November. Who knows, maybe I'll be working there by then! That would be pretty cool. Maybe my degree will come in handy since I don't have much professional experience.

Well, I'm off to claim and work on WisdomCards.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Search thing-a-ma-jigger!

Check out my Organized Wisdom search tool over on the right hand side of my blog! Now if you have something you want to seach OW for while you're looking at my blog (like a WisdomCard I talked about) you can just type it in and boom! It will pop right up!

Also, if you ever want to check out my profile and see what cards I'm working on or have finished, just click here!

I know I'm a dork, but I just figured out how to put it up and make it work so just humor me! lol.

It's raining outside today. It's a good day to stay inside and watch TV. Speaking of TV, the new episode of Family Guy was hilarious on Sunday. Peter was obsessed with the song "Surfin' bird" and kept singing it in the episode and now it's stuck in my head! I was going to add a video clip, but I can't find one. Oh well. I'm going to go be lazy and get something to eat.


P.S. I found a short video clip!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Knight In Shining Armor

Well I didn't do any WisdomCards today. I have really got to get on the ball with that. Maybe tomorrow.

So James has this friend named Rhea (I think I spelled that close) that lives in Tuscaloosa (about an hour or so from here) and she's been pretty sick for the last few weeks (she passed out at work about a week or so ago, and she's been coughing a lot this week with blood coming up) but she was too stubborn to go to the doctor. She finally decided to go, but she was too sick to drive herself, her brother wouldn't take her, and her room mate was at work so James called her this morning to check on her and ended up driving all the way up there to take her to the emergency room. He left around 5:30 am and didn't get back here until around 2 pm. My sweetie is such a nice guy.

Speaking of him being nice, he bought me some "Just because" flowers a few days ago. He used to buy me flowers all the time, but since money has been a bit tight, he hasn't done it in a while. I love them though, and purple is my favorite color (as if you didn't know! lol).

I don't know what kind of flowers they are but they're pretty! Daisies maybe.

James and I are supposed to be looking at apartments tomorrow. I contacted one of those apartment finders. I tried to call her today but I left a message and she didn't get back to me until she e-mailed me tonight. We're both looking for 1 bedroom apartments. I'm exited to live by myself again since the only time I have was my last semester at UAB. I'm ready to step up to a "grown up" apartment with furniture (and bills lol)

Well I guess that's about it. I'm off to surf the internet a bit.


Friday, October 3, 2008


Well I've done nothing today. I did accomplish one Wisdom Card though. After the OW site updated, it was on my dash for some reason. I don't remember claiming it, but hey that's money towards my October goal! I was going to do a few more, but I can't claim any right now because it won't let me click on the link. Oh well, I guess I'll have to find something else to do. James and his son Chase are both taking naps. Very cute. Chase is sleeping with his mouth open lol.

The other day I woke up and my neck was killing me. I could hardly turn it to the right at all so I spent the whole day in bed trying to sleep it off and keep very still. James and I will probably be going to look at some apartments Monday. I contacted one of the apartment finders on Craigslist. We probably won't move till December when James's lease is up (I already moved out of the apartment I had and in with him, so I could move any time as long as I have some money), but if I can find something sooner then I'll go ahead and move. We're getting seperate apartments so we can both enjoy living alone again lol.

Well, in my boredom, I updated my profile and put a picture from one of my favorite artists Kevin A. Williams (Better known as WAK). I think this one is called "Sunflower Dreams".

Well, I'm off to watch "Chowder" which is a funny little cartoon. You should watch it if you get a chance!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So I was just randomly thinking about some things, and I remembered a trip that James and I took to the zoo. They have this big enclosure where they have larakeets (I hope I spelled that right) that you can feed nectar to and they land on you. A few landed on my hands, arms and sholders and they made for some pretty cool pictures. Here's two of them

Oh look at the pretty bird. It's on my arm how sweet.'s getting a bit crowded!

I'm glad none of them decided to poop on me lol. By the way, all of my widsdom cards were approved! Can't wait till pay day since I have about $400 coming my way. Can we say "shopping spree"? lol. That's it for now. Back to watching TV with James.


Monday, September 29, 2008

I did it!

I actually got all of my Organized Wisdom cards completed (plus a couple extra just in case my count was off) so I'll probably get paid! My fingers are probably going to fall off though. It will be worth it when I get the check!

I think I did a pretty good job and I was pretty proud of myself because most of them didn't come back needing any editing. I did have to fix a few, but that's ok. That means I'm learning when only 10 out of 100 come back right? I have about 9 left in review (the reviewers must still be working because the last time I looked I had about 11 left) and then I'll be done. I'm taking a break for a day or two before I get started on next month's cards. If I do a little at a time the whole month I won't have to rush like I did this last time. Hopefully not too many of the ones left will come back needing review.

My interview got pushed until tomorrow at 2 because my interviewer called and said she had an ear infection. She also told me not to worry too much about getting proof of my degree because she can verify it with a background check if I get hired. The position doesn't even start until December, and I just have to talk to her and fill out paperwork tomorrow. She'll send my application and resume to the new department and they'll pick who they want. At least somebody called me back though!

Well I'm off to surf the internet. I haven't been able to much the last few days because I've been consumed with OW. I'm a happy little part time guide though and I should be well on my way to be getting certified (I hope!).


Friday, September 26, 2008


Today has been something else! I got a call for a job interview for monday, but I need a copy of my transcript. Of course I had a hold on my UAB account so, long story short I paid it but I still might not get the hold removed before monday. I might have to push the interview back.

ALSO the apartment complex called me again, even though I told them I have MOVED OUT of that apartment AND turned in my keys to them, but they said something about sending it to some lawyers. I called them and they have my file which says I had a 7 month lease, not a 12 month one (like I told them) and they said they would call me back. Still haven't yet though.

I've been working on my Organized Wisdom cards all day. If I hadn't had so much drama going on, I might have gotten more done. I got about 23 cards done though, and all but 6 have approved. I only have to do about 112 more before Tuesday and I'll get paid! I NEVER want to get behind like this again! I wish I had a few more days to do them so I wouldn't feel so rushed. I'll get it done though.

Did I mention "Aunt Flow" was in town? Yeah...great day lol. I'm off to eat something, rest, and maybe do a few more cards.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stubs...and not the kind that hurt your toe!

I will be working on my Organized Wisdom cards a lot tomorrow. I'll probably be working on stubs, which are shorter wisdom cards. They only take a little while to complete. I need to get about 82 approved between now and the end of the month. It sounds like a lot...but I think I can do it. I had given up on it since I thought I couldn't do it but some encouraging words over at Work Place Like Home made me want to give it a try. I really do love the message boards over there. The people are so nice, helpful and funny!

I also did some hits on Mturk today. Some were pretty easy, but I was afraid that I wouldn't get paid for some of them so I didn't complete that many. When I went back later, all of the hits for one of the ones I was doing today were gone. I guess other people weren't so timid!

I need to make sure that I stay on the ball next month so I don't have this problem again at the end of the month at OW. Well I'm off to bed so that I can be rested for my marathon day of typing today. Wish me luck!


P.S. I almost forgot, one of my old professors said that he would write me another letter of recommendation for graduate school! That means I only need 1 more and I have a good idea of where I can get that from. Yay!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Making Money...

I've been spending some time the last few days on MTurk. It's through Amazon and they have lots of things you can do for anywhere from a penny to $7.50. I've just been doing some of the easier ones because I haven't really spent much time on it and don't want to do something I don't know how to do. It's pretty fun and gives me something to do.

Also, I expedited (I hope that's a word) on ChaCha last night. I haven't really sat down and done it for hours like I used to, but it's coming along nicely. I think I have something in mind to spend that money on when it gets up to about $100 but it's a secret!

Speaking of money goals, I've been busting my hump trying to make the $400 goal at Organized Wisdom so I'll be paid next month but the review time has been REALLY slow. Maybe because I'm so anxious to do more cards. I hope I get enough cards approved by the end of the month, but if not then my next check from them is going to be BIG. I wonder if I can break $1000? Hmm. It's possible!

Oh well, off I go to make more money!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blogs, Blogs, and more Blogs!

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I'm waiting on some of my cards from Organized Wisdom to get approved so that I can do some more. The waiting is killing me because I feel like I'm just being a lazy bum. I tried to do some Cha Cha last night but it was pretty slow and I was preoccupied with cooking.

Speaking of cooking, the chicken breasts came out SOOOO good last night! I'm really proud of myself. Looks like I'll be messing around with that a lot and maybe one day it will be my signature dish. I think I'll try to make Oreo Balls next, or the Outrageous Brownies that I saw the Barefoot Contessa make on Food Network. If I had some cocoa powder, I could make an eggless cake. I wonder how it would taste if I used cocoa

I've been checking Craigslist a lot looking at apartments. I wish I had the money because there's one for $499 a month with a flat water fee of $28 a month AND a included washer and dryer! I was freaking out about how I would be able to afford my own place again, but I think I'll be able to manage with my work at home stuff if I actually make that my career.

Speaking of that, I finally put in an application to volunteer at the Birmingham Humane Society. I should have tried for the adpotion counselor position, but maybe this way I can get some training early and then I can get a position when they open up again. Plus I just love dogs. I want another one so bad. I think my next dog will be some kind of Boxer. I fell in love with them when I saw a full grown one at the GBHS. I would even concider adopting an older one, because they're usually calmer and I do NOT want to have a puppy chewing up my clothes or couch.

I need to get started on my grad school stuff. I think I've been procratinating because most of them that I'm going to apply to this time had much later dates than December 1st. I need to find another Texas school too. Oh well. Off to do more nothing. lol.


Friday, September 19, 2008


Well I feel a little better. I went to the movies on Wed. and I saw Tropic Thunder and A Family That Preys. Both of them were really good! That was my first time going to the movies by myself and it was pretty fun. James was out of town visiting a friend. He ended up hitting the back of her car and his front bumper is cracked. He wasn't too happy about that. Then today he had to go get a new tire because one of his back ones was flat. He said that it's making his car drive better though, so I guess that's good. We had a good talk today. Well actually he tried to talk to me and I thought about it and then wrote him a letter to let him know what I was thinking about. We talked after that so I guess we'll just see what happens.

I'm attempting to make chicken breasts stuffed with broccoli and cheese. Everything I've tried to make lately turns out to be a lot harder than I though. I didn't know that pounding on a chicken breast to flatten it was so much work. I used a big can of baked beans we had. I guess I beat on one of them too much because I ended up ripping one of them. I had to put them in flower, egg wash, and then bread crumbs after I flattened and rolled them up. I'm supposed to brown them in some butter before I put them in the oven, so I'm going to wait till James calls me and tells me he's out of class before I start. We're out of butter so I'll have to use oil. The directions said to keep them in the fridge at least 30 min. so I put them in the freezer for a while, hoping they would firm up and be easier to handle when I get ready to fry them. I hope they come out ok. I worked pretty hard on them. I guess I'll make some yellow rice to go with them and maybe some extra brocolli and call it a day.

I've finished all of the cards that I have on my dash on Organized Widsom, so I'm just waiting on more to get approved so I can keep doing some. I need to do at least 20 full cards before the end of the month in order to meet my goal and be paid. I think if I really worked on this every day like I should, that I could make really good money at it. If I get on a roll like now, I can just complete one or however many cards get approved a day and then I'll always have some waiting to be approved. Then I won't be worried because I have 3 or more cards sitting there waiting to be made. I'm going to do ChaCha (Expeditor) a bit in the mean time and check out the forums at Work Place Like Home. I love the boards there!

I also signed up for another website that's kind of like Organized Wisdom. It's called and we'll see how that one works out. I'll have to get the hang of it. I think I will edit my blog a bit and make it look pretty. That's it for tonight.

Good night!

Monday, September 15, 2008

What's Wrong

I think I'm depressed. I've cried myself to sleep for the past 2 nights and when I'm awake for most of the day I feel like I'm under water. The messed up thing is I couldn't say why I feel this way for a million dollars. James keeps asking me what's wrong but all I can tell him is that I don't know or something about Grad school. It is true that that has been on my mind a lot lately and it's making me sad because I don't know if I'll be able to do it. I just can't visualize myself doing it in the future. I want to but I dunno. Maybe I'll end up doing something else when it's all said and done.

James basically had surgery on his toe today. It's been giving him problems and he has to go back Thursday for more surgery. Apparently there's bone that's growing in it that attached to his toe bone and it has to be removed. I hope it doesn't hurt him too much. He has some loratabs that he can take for it.

I guess that's it. I'm off to do more nothing I guess.

P.S. I'm not pregnant if anyone is wondering. Apparently that's what everyone thinks. Maybe I should just carry around pregnancy tests so I can take them to prove it to people who say something about it. It's really getting annoying.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm done cooking dinner. Pork chops stuffed with...well stuffing (lol) and teriakyi noodles. I hope James likes it. His sister came to get Chase earlier. I think they're having a birthday party for him tomorrow. He'll officially be in the terrible 2's lol.

Right now I'm watching "Dogtown" now and I watched "The Dog Whisperer" earlier. One poor dog on here is getting his front leg amputated. Apparently he got hit by a car twice.

Other than that, I'm bored. The pork chops ended up being harder to make than I thought. The chicken fingers and onion rings that I made yesterday were too. This is why I don't like to serve food to people that I haven't made before, but I didn't have much of a choice.

I tried to work on a few wisdomcards today, but it wouldn't let me get to the point where I could edit it. I guess I could just find some links to save until I get the template, but I'm lazy. I guess that's it for the day. I'm going to watch TV some more and wait for James to get home.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Working it

I picked up the kids from school fun. Then I had to take Crystal back later to get a test she needed signed or she wouldn't get credit for it. I'm such a great Auntie lol. I haven't been doing any work the last two days. I need to make a few Wisdom Cards. I got 2 stubs approved today so that's another $8 in the bank. I might do ChaCha a little after I take a shower and relax. I wish they were paying more for the Expeditor positon though, but at least I don't have to ANSWER the questions, just make sure they're in the right format.

James wasn't feeling well today. He said his face was hurting and the Aleve he took was making him loopy. I miss him though. I'm used to cuddling with him (whether he likes it or not lol). I saw some nice apartments on Craigs List today. I saw a lot of listings for apartment finders. Apparently they're free and they'll find you aparments to look at. I wonder how they make their money. I e-mailed one and told her what I was looking for, so maybe she'll e-mail me back and let me know something.

I signed up for another work at home job. For this one, you have to basically type phone messages that people leave so that they can read them on their phone as a text message. Seems simple enough. I hope I hear something back from them soon. I found out that when I get going that I can average about 65 WPM. I guess that's pretty good.

On another note, I really want a dog. I saw one that I really liked at the Humane Society. I wish I had enough room/money/time to get him. He's a Boxer/Shar Pei mix. James saw a pretty greyish blue cat named Chubs. I'm not much of a cat person, but that's an awesome name for a fat cat lol.

I've been watching food network a lot today and it's made me want to cook all kinds of cool stuff. I tried making fried green beans on Saturday. They didn't come out too bad, but they were too tedious for what I ended up with. I want to make some stuffed chicken breasts though. I'm going to have to perfect a recipe for those.

Well, I'm off to read a bit and then take a shower. I'll probably get back on here and do some more...nothing lol.


P.S. I took all of the change from my parking meter bank here to one of those coinstar machines, and I ended up with $71 of coins. It charges about 9 cents for every dollar so I ended up with $65. Pretty good for a bunch of change!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


So, I decided to make (another) blog. I have one or two on blogspot already, but I don't use them and they were just for my survey sites and things like that to get people to sign up. I used to have a blog on livejournal, and I still do but i haven't written in it in well over a year. I decided to make a new one because...well I guess I'm older and hopefully wiser now. Plus I didn't want to change the layout and deal with all of that HTML code.

I'm in Mobile for a few days. The A/C was broken today, but I guess it's fixed for a few days at least. I'm glad because I felt like I was going to melt. Also, it's really hard for me to sleep when I'm hot. Speaking of sleep, I have no idea why I'm not asleep now. I think my mom and dad have gone to bed already. My sister in law and the kids have moved to their house, so they're not here. I saw them for a little while today when they all got back from church.

Apparently I'll either be taking them to school tomorrow or picking them up. I think my dad would rather take them in the morning though, so I guess I'll be getting them. They all asked where "uncle James" and I told them he was in Birmingham. I hope his job interview goes well or that he finds something that he likes soon. Money really isn't an issue to me, because I'd rather him be somewhere where he feels comfortable and works with his schedule. I just try to help out wherever I can, but sometimes I feel like I'm more of a hinderance than help. I guess that's just me being hard on myself.

I haven't done any work on Organized Wisdom or ChaCha today. I had a little time, I just didn't get around to it. Honestly it was too hot to sit with the laptop on my lap for a long time. I might do some in a while if I try to go to sleep but can't.

I don't know if I'll tell anyone about this blog or not. If I don't think anyone's reading then maybe I'll be more honest about things, but just because I tell people doesn't mean that they'll read it right? Oh well, who knows. I guess I will add a few more perks to the look of this blog if I can and then go to bed.

Good Night.